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Keep up to date with core Cardano news, projects, development and ideas coming from the Cardano Community. For beginners to experts wanting to know more about Cardano & blockchain technology.

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This weeks update focuses on the DeFi space on Cardano and what has been happening around the ecosystem. Minswap Fee Structure Discounts How to get discounts on trading fees on Minswap. Trading fee discounts Meld V1 Token No Longer Available on CEX Follow the documentation. Watch the video tutorial. Meld…

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As Cardano starts to enter the era of governance, Voltaire, we will start to see more experiments, tools and events where the Cardano community can vote on issues and future changes to the protocol. This first vote organised by the Cardano Foundation lays down the ground work for future form…

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About Learn Cardano Podcast

Hi, I'm Peter, I've been podcasting since 2013

After years of trading and learning about crypto, I decided that Cardano was my chain of choice and put all my efforts into understanding everything about Cardano. Learn Cardano is where I share all that I learn with you.

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