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Some of my listeners may be aware that I’m a big fan of boxing, not just watching but actually participating through training and doing friendly boxing matches every few months.

This boxing challenge I’ll be auctioning off positions on my training t-shirts to appear in videos over the next 5 weeks leading up to my next fight. Each position is an NFT which you can bid upon to be able to win that position for your project logo.

Each position with allow you to have your logo placed on the t-shirt.

Bidding on the spots will start at 6 ADA and will be open for a week. Please be aware of the closing times against each position.

All logos and projects need to abide by the Google video guidelines to be eligible and not be age restricted. Content that causes video restrictions are demoted and note seen. It isn’t good for either parties.

All projects will have to pass the sniff test. NFT projects, gaming, DeFi are all accepted. No scams or pump and dump projects. Newly created meme coins are questionable.

Auction Items

Front position 1 (F1)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:58:54 UTC

Front position 2 (F2)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:58:40 UTC

Front position 3 (F3)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:58:21 UTC

Back position 1 (B1)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:58:07 UTC

Back position 2 (B2)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:57:53 UTC

Back position 3 (B3)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:57:38 UTC

Back position 4 (B4)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:57:21 UTC

Back position 5 (B5)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 06:55:13 UTC

Back position 6 (B6)

Bidding address:
View current bid on
Ends: 04.08.2023 05:42:23 UTC

How Auctions Works

The auctions for the positions are all powered by NMKR Auctions.

Each wallet address holds a different NFTs. Users can send ADA to each one of these addresses to bid. For your bid to be accepted, it must be higher than the existing amount of ADA that is in the wallet. If you send an amount that isn’t accepted, it will be sent back to you minus network fees.

If someone bids higher than you, then your ADA used to bid will be sent back to your address where it was sent from minus transaction fees.

Upgrading the Auction Interface

We realise this is a little bit clunky for an auction and will be building an integration with CardanoPress to make the experience easier and similar to what you would experience with eBay or other auction platforms. We hope to have a prototype up and working early next week.

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