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For Fund 10, we will be hosting Catalyst Sprints on our YouTube channel. This is a fast paced pitch session for anyone that has a Catalyst proposal in Fund 10 and would like some exposure.

Each session will have 4 projects pitching their proposals.

You will have 5 minutes to talk through your project and 7 minutes for question time. Times will be strict, please do not go over your allocated times. You will be cut off for the next presenter.

The other projects that are a part of the session will be asking questions along with the live audience from YouTube.

These fast paced sessions will hopefully get more attention to your project and proposal.

Please use the booking form below to book in your 15 minute time slot.

For the session to go ahead, time slots in the sessions must be filled. Please get others that you know with proposals that are interested to help fill the spots.

Catalyst Sprint Sponsorship

Projects building on Cardano also have the opportunity to be the sponsor of these sessions.

For your sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Intro sponsors message and thank you in the video
  • Sponsored message in the description of the video along with the pinned comment
  • Link and call to action added to the YouTube video card at the beginning of the video

Here is an example sponsored message that will be read out at the beginning of the video.

Catalyst Sprint #5 is brought to you by CardanoPress, the plugin to easily integrate the Cardano blockchain into any WordPress powered website. Click on the links below to find out more or visit

The message can also be read out by myself, Peter Bui, or presented by the sponsor as a 1 minute video that will be included and streamed at the beginning of the session.

All sponsors must be follow YouTube guidelines to avoid the video being age-restricted and delisted from YouTube.

Each sponsorship spot is $50 USD. Payable via PayPal, Credit Card via Stripe or ADA. Invoice can be issued via our company account, PP Ventures Proprietary Ltd.

Please use the contact form if you’re interested.

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After years of trading and learning about crypto, I decided that Cardano was my chain of choice and put all my efforts into understanding everything about Cardano. Learn Cardano is where I share all that I learn with you.

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