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Interview Booking

Thanks for requesting an interview booking with Pete on the Learn Cardano Podcast and YouTube channel. If you’re new here and are unfamiliar with the channels, please visit the audio podcast on Spreaker or Spotify and the videos on the YouTube channel.

Purchase a Wapuu NFT to Make a Booking

To be able to book an interview, you will need to be holding a CardanoPress Wapuu within your wallet. You can mint a Wapuu from SaturnNFT or purchase one on secondary markets such as CSwap NFT marketplace or

Wapuu Policy ID:


Connect to Book

Connect your wallet with the Wapuu NFT to be able to make a booking.

In the future, you will be required to burn a Wapuu and send it to the scrap heap to be able to make a booking.

About Learn Cardano Podcast

Hi, I'm Peter, I've been podcasting since 2013

After years of trading and learning about crypto, I decided that Cardano was my chain of choice and put all my efforts into understanding everything about Cardano. Learn Cardano is where I share all that I learn with you.

Peter Bui Cover