The Art of Selling Art: NFTs, Digital Art, and Finding Your Tribe

Episode by Peter Bui on May 1st, 2023

In this episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of having Jason Matias, a career artist since 2012, discuss the world of selling art and marketing NFT art pieces. For many new and upcoming artists, the whole process can be overwhelming, but Jason shares his experiences and insights into the world of NFTs.

The digital world of NFTs has led Jason to meet more people than ever before. With more friends from the web3 community than any other part of his life, he speaks highly of the connections made through the internet. Meeting people in person at events, especially around the Cardano community, adds an extra bonus for engaging with people face to face.

Jason’s artistic background includes traditional wall art pieces with photography, selling to collectors from six countries. He got involved with NFTs in February 2021 and found Cardano to be the perfect place for his artwork. Jason began investing in crypto in 2017, with Cardano being one of his main choices. Despite the market’s ups and downs, he has remained committed to the platform.

When asked why he chose Cardano over Ethereum, Jason explained that he had become disconnected with the Ethereum community. Photography wasn’t being collected much on any blockchain, so this allowed him to explore other options. After investigating the Cardano ecosystem, Jason found a supportive community and valuable conversations. He appreciates the vibe and educational aspect of the Cardano side, which is why he is more successful on that platform.

While not a maximalist, Jason has also minted on other chains like Stacks and plans to use Avalanche in the future. However, he attributes his creative experimentation to the opportunities provided by NFTs and Cardano. He couldn’t have focused hundreds of hours on his ‘Guardians’ collection, for example, without the time and freedom afforded by the NFT space.

Jason’s Normandy Collection came about as a commission for a war historian who wanted a photograph of a graveyard that captured the weight of sacrifice while staying true to Jason’s artistic style. The four-piece collection, along with its four certificates of authenticity, sold for 90,000 ADA. This sale brought a big-time traditional art collector into the NFT space, solidifying Jason’s position in the market.

Selling Your Art Online

For those looking to learn more about selling digital art and NFTs, Jason’s online course, ‘The Art of Selling Art,’ offers a comprehensive guide. The course breaks down Jason’s 10-year experience in the art business, providing a case study that other artists can replicate and apply to their own practices. It covers everything from understanding blockchain to selling strategies and pricing, as well as comparing the experience of being an artist on different blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Cardano, Stacks, and Tezos.

3 Tips for Successful Online Sales

In addition to sharing the story of his success, Jason also offered three essential tips for any NFT artist starting in the ecosystem:

  1. Learn to love the work: Embrace the entire process of creating, marketing, and selling your art. This mindset is crucial for success in any business, including NFTs.
  2. Know your audience: Understand who you’re marketing to and how to communicate with them effectively. This will help you price your work and set realistic expectations for sales.
  3. You do not work for your collectors: While it’s essential to consider the financial motivations of your collectors, don’t let them dictate your creative process or the way you create and sell your art.

In conclusion, Jason Matias’ journey in the world of digital art and NFTs is a testament to the potential and growth of this emerging market. By understanding the intersection of finance, technology, and art, artists can successfully navigate the NFT space and create a sustainable career. As the Cardano ecosystem and the wider NFT market continue to evolve, there’s no doubt that we’ll see even more incredible artwork and innovative ideas coming from talented artists like Jason.

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