Cardano ADA News Update, 14th March 2023

Episode by Peter Bui on March 14th, 2023

International Women’s Day Campaign

Buy an NFT from the DROPSPOT (DS) International Women’s Day (IWD) Campaign & be in the running to win unique Genius X NFTs, minted especially to celebrate 2023 International Women’s Day!

How to participate in the competition

To participate in the competition, there are several steps that you need to complete:

  1. Join Discord — please join the DS Discord server, as membership is required to access the raffles and rewards.
  2. Follow DS Twitter & Instagram and Genius X Twitter
  3. Purchase an NFT from any Collection within the IWD campaign.

Raffle Details

All times in GMT:

  1. Each NFT purchase within an allocated week, earns five (5) entry tickets to that week’s raffle. Raffles will be run and announced on Discord.
  2. Week 1 — Wed Mar 8 (12.01am) to Mon Mar 13 (8am)
  3. Week 2 — Mon Mar 13 (8.01am) — Fri Mar 17 (8pm)
  4. Week 3 — Fri Mar 17 (8.01pm) — Fri Mar 24 (8pm)
  5. Week 4 — Fri Mar 24 (8.01pm) — Fri Mar 31 (11.59pm)

Prize draws will take place on March 13th, 17th, 24th, and 31st, 2023.

Cardano Foundation, Let’s Chat Cardano

The Cardano Foundation starts it first ever Let’s Chat Cardano series and kicks it off with a special International Women’s Day supporting many of the women in the Cardano space.

GoKey Dynamic ISPO

The GoKey team have changed the way their ISPO works with a unique dynamic ISPO. As the amount of delegation increases on the stake pool, the margin fee on the pool will drop. This is attractive as it will allow users to earn GoKey tokens and ADA rewards. You can find out more about the introduction of the dynamic ISPO.

Astarter Technical Update

The Astarter team are close to launch, ticking off various goals required to get to a launchable product. They are also continuing their Merge Staking ISPO where you can earn their AA tokens that will power their platform. Their latest technical update highlights some of the key milestones that the project has reached.

Fluid Tokens ISPO

The team from Fluid Tokens have launched their main ISPO pool where you can maximise your ISPO rewards. Full detil

Community Pools

The community pools have been selected for the Fluid Token ISPO. If you delegate to any of these pools you will earn ADA and $FLDT tokens.

  • EASY1
  • A4G
  • 21ADA
  • DINO
  • DDOS

You can find out more information from their announcement around the Community pools.

Djed Update

The Djed platform has reduced the fees and minimum requirements for minting and burning $DJED and $SHEN on their platform. The team have also announced that the rewards for SHEN holders should now be generating additional ADA rewards for holding SHEN.

Their blog post around the update to delegation rewards to reduction to the minimum requirements go through all this in detail.

VyFinance Coming to Testnet

We’re excited to hear that VyFinance is almost ready to launch on Testnet. The team are running many different competitions and giveaways at this point in time to celebrate the process. We will be covering the launch in detail on Testnet.

Empowa Explorer Powered by CardanoPress

Empowa have successfully integrated the CardanoPress plugin into their website to create their Empowa Explorer. It allows users to get access to data around their Empowa and World Mobile NFT and how it is impacting the project.

If you want to learn more about CardanoPress, please visit the CardanoPress website which is full of resources and documentation to help you get started.

ADADAO On Testnet

Read over ADADAO’s announcement about the ADADAO Pre Prod Testnet launch.

Teiki: Building Communities

Find out more about Teiki and what they’re doing to help projects grow communities.

Disco Solaris Community Development

The Disco Solaris teams have agreed to send 10% of the net profits to the community managed liquidity multisig. This gives the community more funds to help fund and grow various projects around the Disco Solaris ecosystem.

NMKR Integration with Zapier

This is big. NMKR make it possible to integrate their platform with Zapier. Zapier is a huge platform that allows you to connect various platforms together and allow them to trigger certain actions. This gives NMKR a huge amount of flexibility in how it can be integrate.

Tyler Integrating NMKR & Zapier

NMKR Token Dashboard

Cardano Foundation & UNHCR Partnership

If you have yet to watch the interview with Alvaro from UNHCR, please make sure you take your time to watch it. You can read the full show notes about the UNHCR for the episode.

Charli3 Upgrade to V2 with Vasil Updates

Cardano’s first oracle has launched the version 2 of their oracle contracts.

You can learn more about the latest technical updates and the documentation around the new improvements.

Gimbal Labs Course

The team from Gimbal Labs have created a great course for anyone looking at getting into the Cardano space and wants to develop DApps or write smart contracts. You can get to the Plutus PBL on their new website.

Nucast Film Festival

Nucast is running the first ever film festival on the Cardano blockchain. Get your ticket and vote on your fav film.

Find out more at their website

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