Cardano ADA News Update, 17th May 2023

Episode by Peter Bui on May 18th, 2023

Voltaire blog part 2

As Cardano starts to enter the era of governance, Voltaire, we will start to see more experiments, tools and events where the Cardano community can vote on issues and future changes to the protocol.

This first vote organised by the Cardano Foundation lays down the ground work for future form of voting for the Cardano blockchain.

Ledger Releases Recover Subscription Service

Empowa Featured by Coinbase

GeroWallet’s DEX Aggregator Feature

Cardano’s Hydra is on Mainnet, High TPS Scaling for Cardano

Check out our post on Bitcoin Lightning vs Cardano Hydra.

Genius X Token Sale Coming Soon

Minswap Daily Trading Volume Skyrockets!

Chain Load Increasing Thanks to Memecoins

Useful Resources from Lending Pond on Shorting Memecoins

VyFinance Launches their DEX and Bar Feature on Mainnet

Liqwid Finance Discord Server Hacked

Stay safe out there.

Whales Optimise Their Profits

Cardano Content Creators Community Call

Stripe Bring On Fiat to Crypto Payments

Nucast Release their Video Rentals Platform


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