Cardano ADA News Update – 31st May 2023

Episode by Peter Bui on June 5th, 2023

This weeks update focuses on the DeFi space on Cardano and what has been happening around the ecosystem.

Minswap Fee Structure Discounts

How to get discounts on trading fees on Minswap.

Trading fee discounts

Meld V1 Token No Longer Available on CEX

Follow the documentation.

Watch the video tutorial.

Meld Partners with DEGA

Read more about the partnership.

Wingriders APR & Giveaway

New ATH Trading Volume on Minswap

ath snek bank

Snek Creating Eth Buying

Swapping on Mobile with GeroWallet using Apple Pay

JPGStore New Mobile App

VyFinance Farming Launched

MuesliSwap Introduces MILK Vaults

Full article on MILK Vaults.

Genius Yield New Roadmap Timeline

Update article on Genius Yield Timeline.

Indigo Triple Farm on Minswap

Axo Airdrop Process Update

Article on airdrop for claiming tokens.

Marlowe Launches on Mainnet

ProjectNEWM on KillerWhales TV Show

GeroWallet Introduces NFT Music Player

Paima Studios Almost Launches Their Tower Defence Game