Cardano ADA News Update, 5th April 2023

Episode by Peter Bui on April 5th, 2023

Huge amount of news items this week around the Cardano ecosystem. Projects keep on building in the bear market. Cardano is going to be in a really good position once the global markets turn around.

Here are the references for this week.

SundaeSwap New UI

View the preview of their UI on the preview testnet.

Minswap TX Volume

Paribus Mainnet

Emurgo + Bitkub

Education Alpha Program

Get a job at the Cardano Foundation

Current Work by the Cardano Foundation


Wanchain bridges

Cardano Euro Founders Meetup

Iagon Multi transaction sending

Smart places update

Fluid Tokens NFT

Governance Workshops

Quadratic Voting

Business Development Arm


NFT Whale Listing Assets

Plutus Art Hits 6000

JPG Token

Spacebudz Wormhole

Saturn NFT Wormhole

FutureFest – Amber VHS

Exodus Wallet DApp Connector

Adosia Marketplace Testnet

Ergo Ecosystem

Spectrum Finance Update

TeddySwap Stablepairs

VyFinance Non Custodial LP Farming iOS App

Hydra Penis

Astarter ADEX Closed BETA

AADA Built with Aiken

NuNet Public Alpha & Earndrop Claims

Yamfore Testnet

Dream LoFi

CardanoPress NFTs are Coming