Cardano ADA News Update, 5th July 2023

Episode by Peter Bui on July 6th, 2023

Latest news updates across the Cardano ecosystem.

Mehen Finance & Charli3

Minswap June Month in Review

Minswap ADA Delegation Proposal & Governance

Wingriders Governance

Liqwid Finance Delegate Voting

FluidToken ISPO Governance

FluidToken Pool Lending is Live

Technical Thread from Avatar Nick & Levvy Finance Staking

Marlowe Launch Party

Project Catalyst Submissions

Wingriders UI Improvements

Genius X Officially Sold Out

AADA Finance Rebrands to LenFi

Tango Crypto Closes Up Shop

AnetaBTC Launch Date Set

Iagon Multi-sig wallet

AMA With Iagon CEO, Navjit about Iagon and it’s upcoming roadmap

Pavia Launches, Pavia Playground