Cardano ADA News Updates, 21st March 2023

Episode by Peter Bui on March 21st, 2023

Various updates around the Cardano ecosystem. Covering several news items in DeFi, NFTs and much more.

World Mobile Build on the Cosmos SDK

More information about Cosmos SDK.

More information about Blueshift’s BluesChain & Cosmos SDK.

Cardano’s Peer 2 Peer Node Upgrade

Current node guide from CoinCashew.

Official release of 1.35.6, P2P release.

Deep Dive into the dynamic Peer to Peer by Duncan Coutts

NMKR Token Vaults

Link to the NMKR Token Dashboard.

Link to Genius Yield staking app with NMKR tokens.

Kirkstone NFT

VyFinance Launches on Testnet

Danketsu NFT Farming Goes Live

Orcfax ISPO Prospectus

NFT Markets are evolving

1/1 NFT Artist Highlight – James Bago