Cardano ISPO Update, Dec 2023

Episode by Peter Bui on December 24th, 2023

Tvvin ISPO Dashboard


Dega Cardano ISPO

Palm Token ISPO

Coinecta ISPO

Metera ISPO Dashboard

Maestro ISPO Marketplace

Beware of Scammers

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01:04 Fluid Tokens Ending
02:06 SCAT DYORTool of Fluid Tokens
03:09 Spectrum Finance LBSP
04:20 Mayz
04:57 Crashr ISPO
06:14 Metera
07:35 Tvvin
09:18 Dega
10:49 Palm ISPO
12:33 Coinecta
13:30 Foreon
14:35 CSwap ISPO
15:59 ISPO Marketplace
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Alright guys, you’ve asked for it. Another ISPO Update, Initial State Pool Offering Update. These are all the ones that are ending at the moment and the ones that are starting up or currently going. I’m going to go through as many as I can and leave you guys with some resources in regards to how to find some of these and participate in them and do some research around them as well so that you can find out a little bit more if it’s worthwhile or not etc etc. Now before I get into any of this public service announcement, there are plenty of

Twitter profiles out there that are impersonating me. So please be careful of all these various Twitter profiles. Mine is created back in 2007. In my Twitter banner now, I have like, beware of scams. Be careful. So please look out for that and don’t get scammed. Never put your seed phrase online on any sort of website out there. Be very, very mindful of that. Don’t connect to random websites as well that you don’t know about. They can potentially take your assets.

and learning a little bit more about these scams is really important so that you guys don’t fall into it. And with that, let’s get into these ISPO updates. The very first one ending here is Fluid Token. So Fluid Token has been going on for quite a while since mid this year, 2023, and they had a whole bunch of various state pools that they’ve partnered up with to try and distribute these tokens. And this is a really good type of ISPO where you can delegate.

regular liquid staking in the Kadana ecosystem. So all these partner pools out there. And as part of that, you earn some of these fluid tokens. They also had their main pool as well, where you could delegate and earn more tokens. But this is a great balance between ecosystem decentralization of staking and allowing them to earn some of these tokens within their ecosystem too. So brilliant ISPO, but it is ending very, very soon. And they have…

A couple of things out there at the moment, they have a token generation event, they have a liquidity bootstrapping event, I did an interview with Mateo and Raul. In the top right hand corner there, you’ll find the link to that interview where you can find out more about those specific details. But right now there are tools and community members out there doing audits of this, not audits of the smart contracts, but audits of the project itself and looking into its tokenomics, its team and all those other aspects.

And this is really crucial for any project out there. And this is a tool here that do your own research tool from smart contract audit token is absolutely brilliant. And you can go through their ecosystem here, their SCATDAO tooling, use it at And that will help you step through and generate a report for a particular project and pull in the tokenomics, pull in the team data and give it a rating and score. And at the end of it, you’ll get a nice rating.

for the particular project you’re looking at. So brilliant tool, please do check it out. They’ve got a little competition going on at the moment for fluid tokens that have a 500 ADA prize pool to encourage users to do your own research and find out a little bit more about it. So brilliant, check it out. Links on the show notes for you guys.

Now another one that’s ending kind of soon, it’s still got a few epochs left and this one’s from Spectrum Finance. They did a really interesting one where they did a liquidity bootstrapping stake pools. So this was partially for liquidity provisioning on their decks itself as well as being able to stake in their ecosystem and I thought it was a really interesting model. Links to previous videos I did about it and you can find out more about the Spectrum Finance and how they operate.

Brilliant DEX, super fast. I have no idea really how they make the transactions so fast, but they’re making them even faster with their new protocol they’re launching called Splash. So check that one out too. I did an overview of it in my last news update. So please check that one out. Check out the details for Spectrum Finance as well. It is ending soon. Let me just get the date here. So they started in epoch 426 and it ran for 36 epochs.

So I think it was about 10 epochs left. I have to double check that, do the math behind it, and you can see exactly when it ends. This article here on Medium goes through the entire details of it in a deep detail. Again, links for it down the show notes for you. Maze is another really cool ice beer that’s been going on for a while and it’s been going on for roughly about a year now, I think it is. I have to check the dates on that one, but I’ll put the links down below so you can find out a little bit more about it.

Maze is a index protocol that’s building on Kadano and they’re raising funds through the ISPO method too. So check that one out. I did interviews with Diego from the team. Again links in the top right hand corner for you so you can find out a little bit more about it. Brilliant team, really smart guys behind this one, building this one. They build in public as well so you can find out a little bit more about what they’re up to. Just follow their Twitter profile, all the links down below.

Crasher here is a brand new one that started just recently and this one is an NFT marketplace with some really cool features behind it. One of them is shopping baskets of NFTs. So you can go through the marketplace, find all these NFTs that you potentially want to purchase, and then buy them with a shopping cart experience. I thought that was really cool. And they’re running an ISPO to raise some funding for building their project and they’ve got some bonuses and whatnot through their platform.

This video here goes through their bonus rewards program and a couple of other aspects around it too. So you can find out a little bit more about their ISPO, their delegation bonuses that they have, their token, their tokenomics and everything else around it. You can find their state pool just type in crash and that will allow you to delegate to their state pool crash. This is a breakdown of their tokenomics as well. So they have a nice allocation in the ISPO 14% and that’s part of the token sale as well.

Interesting to see what that split is. I haven’t dug too deeply into this one. Be nice to see on SCATDAO if there’s any DYOR research from other community members about this one so we can find out a little bit more about it too. But do check that one out. Do your research behind this one. All the links in the show notes down below. Matera is another project that’s doing indexes in the Katana ecosystem and they’re growing really well with their development. They’ve got visuals updates and everything out there.

and Daniel from the project has done plenty of interviews with me as well. So check those out, search for Matera on the Lernk down a podcast, and you’d be able to find those particular interviews, but all their information around their ISPO can be found on the Go Maestro website. This is it here. It does a really good breakdown of the tokenomics, the performance of the pool at the moment, and all the ISPO participants. Check that out. 17,394 participants in this one here.

this is because they also have partner pools that they’ve delegate that you can delegate to. So all these ones here you can delegate to and earn your ADA rewards as well as these Metera tokens as well. So there’s plenty of pools there to delegate to. All you need to do is connect your wallet, click delegate and bam there you go. You can start delegating straight away to one of their pools. You can also delegate directly to the Metera protocol ISPO pool. It’s a 99% pool that means you

don’t get any of your ADA rewards, they take all the ADA rewards and give you a higher return on those Metera tokens for doing so. Simply just go to the website, click delegate, connect your wallet and away you go, you delegate directly to one of those pools. Now the twin ISPO should be ending really soon. Now twin do real world assets, the tokenization of them. They do have this really cool talk that they’re doing with the Cardano Foundation, Cardano Foundation talks.

on the 9th of January so you can find out and learn more about how they’re doing real world tokenization. They’ve done plenty of presentations on stage. This one was at the Web Summit in Lisbon a little bit earlier this year as well and you can see Thomas here presenting on real world assets at that particular conference. Now their ISPO is being extended. I believe it was by 10 epochs. This is their ISPO dashboard that we put together for the team using Caradno Press.

Now we have to update these particular bits of data so that they reflect these changes but they’re extending the ISPO. I think this is the first announcement of it. I’m announcing it before they do. So please do check on their Discord, check with their team, check their upcoming Medium Post about the extension as well. If anyone missed out on those early bird delegation bonuses, you’ll be able to get them now. So you had to delegate for at least 35 epochs.

And if you extend it by another 10 epochs, if you were delegating late, you’ll get that Galactic Supernova bonus and that NFT and the 40 epoch bonus for the Cosmic Supernova bonus you might be able to get now too. So please do check those details and you’ll be able to see what type of rewards you’ll get for those bonuses. Now to delegate to them, super easy, just get to their website, click on connect, choose the wallet that you want to delegate with.

and then choose or click on delegate right after and you’d be able to delegate to the ISPO. Now the team from Meld introduced Dega to the Caradno ecosystem and the ISPO model. Now they’re building game development tools. They’re making it as easy as possible for game developers to build on web three. And I think web three gaming is one of the really big things that we’ll see in 2024. It’s gonna be one of the trends. But seeing all the tooling and everything out there getting so easy now for web three gaming.

some game developers get out there and build some cool things, we’re going to see more of this uptake in the following year. So I’m super bullish and excited about Web3 gaming. Now they have their ISPO going on. It’s been going on for quite a while now as well, but it’s a multi-chain ISPO. So they’re taking this model of the Kadano ISPO and taking it to Polkadot, Ethereum and Polygon as well. So they started off with Kadano. They do now have the Polkadot version too. But you can check out their dashboard.

This is a Caradno dashboard, they’ve got the pool ID, their ticker Dega1 as well. You can connect your wallet here, participate and start delegating to their pool and earning some of the Dega tokens. Now, this is the rewards dashboard here. They’re going quite well in regards to the amount of wallets and participation within the Dega ISPO. They did have a bonus as well, I believe.

I did see some tweets about it. If I do find them, I will put them in the show notes for you guys so you can learn a little bit more about the extra added bonuses that the Dega team are doing around their ISPO. So check Dega out. Again, links in the show notes for you guys. Now the Palm Token is part of the Palmyra ecosystem. Now Palmyra are doing real world assets tokenization of commodity markets. I’ve done interviews with the guys. Links in the top right hand corner for you.

where you can find out more about how they’re progressing, what they’re developing, and what they’re building out there. Now, they have already launched their product. They have business partners in Sri Lanka. They have business partners in Turkey. This isn’t a ISPO where they’re raising funds to build their platform. They have built their platform. They have a working business model. And this is allowing you to be a part of that ecosystem that they’re doing around Palmyra. So Palm is the token that is going to drive their ecosystem.

And you can check out all the details on here, the roadmap and everything else around it. The ISPO is going on for quite a while up to mid 2024. And during that, they’ll also have an IDO for the Kadino side and the Ergo side too. Yeah, this is one of those ISPO projects that are cross-chain and they’re building some really cool things out there in the ecosystem. So I love what the guys are doing. It’s absolutely amazing being able to connect businesses and use blockchain for.

commodity markets, I think it’s a really good use case of blockchain. I put all the links for Palm in the show notes down below so you can learn a little bit more about the token utility, the tokenomics and everything else around it too. They’re going quite well at the moment. They have quite a few delegates across both their pools. They have a 100% margin pool and a 50% margin pool and 16 million ADA within the first few epochs. So that’s phenomenal. So there’s a lot of support behind this project for sure. So

If you want a brand new one to delegate to and join, Pump looks like a good one to check out. Coinector are doing one of the fair initial state offerings. I love this model. This is the idea of getting their tokens out there in the community. They’re not raising the funds through this method. They’ve got the IDO, which has already passed, but they’re looking at distributing their tokens through state pool operators that have really good engaged delegates.

Now partnering up with all these state pools here, you can delegate to any of these state pools, earn those tokens, but still earn your ADA rewards. So this is a really good way of getting your tokens out there simply by partnering up with these state pool operators that have really engaged delegates. Those delegates still get the ADA rewards as normal, but also the Coinnector tokens too. So that’s brilliant way of doing it. I love the fair initial state offerings. If you want to learn more about it.

link in the top right hand corner there and down the show notes too. I’ve done quite a big coverage of Coin Nectar. I love what the team are doing. Now Foreon are doing predictive markets so it’s kind of like putting a bet online. Will ADA reach $20 in 2024 and then you can have a smart contract for a yes or no vote against that and depending on the outcome the people that have voted yes or no will get a part of that prize pool from that smart contract.

and Foren are doing those predicted markets. Now they have an ISPO that is funding their development and the distribution of their FRN token. Now ISPO has been going since about mid-year, just after mid-year. So you can check that one out, learn a little bit more about that one. Again, I’ve done interviews with the team as well. Check out on the show notes. So you can find out a little bit more about how the whole platform works and how long this ISPO goes on for as well.

They also have bonuses where you get boosted stake, they’ve got NFTs that come from delegating for the full length of the ISPO. So if you didn’t get in early, you may miss out on that NFT, but they’re still going on at the moment. So if you have a little bit of ADA in a spare wallet, you can stake them and some of their tokens help support their development and have a brand new protocol built on Codano too. Now the last one here I’m going to talk about is C-Swap. C-Swap have their ISPO that’s helping to build their NFT marketplace.

It’s quite a cool NFT marketplace. Our Kadano Press Wapus are on there as well and they have the idea and concept of the Quirty Pool markets. So instead of buying and trading single individual Wapus from peer to peer, you can actually just sell it into a pool of NFTs and take out that floor price of the NFT. Or you can buy one, any of them in there for that.

price, that floor price. So there might be a really rare one in there and you might find it and go wow that’s really cheap, pick that up at a floor price and then flip it on another marketplace. So I love that model, they’ve got a whole bunch of other things coming out there as well. They have their idea and model and they call it NFT PHY, so NFT finance. Love the model. Now flipping JPEGs and pictures is just one thing but this is like a base model that can be changed to

other things such as real estate or real world assets, whatever it is. So I love the tech that they’re building and the potential of where it can go in the future too. So check out C-Swap, love the project. They’ve been going on for quite a while. They’ve got a really good community behind them too. So again, links in the show notes for you guys. Now last but not least, if you are looking for more ISPO’s, this dashboard is great and this is the Go Maestro marketplace for all the ISPO’s out there.

I believe it has all of them and there are some here that you can see that I hadn’t mentioned and have been going on for quite a while too. You can check those out. Links go slash marketplace. You can learn about all these ISPO’s going out there at the moment. Now if there’s any other ISPO’s that you know of and you want covered, please leave a comment down below in the show notes and I’ll check them out. I will do another ISPO update in the future.

I’ll try and do these on a monthly basis to keep you guys up to date on what’s starting, what’s ending so that you can move your delegation around accordingly. Now in saying that, I know a lot of you guys delegate to my state pool, ADA Oz, and I’ve noticed a lot of you guys leaving as well because I talk about these ISPO’s and you jump over there and that’s all well and good, but please consider leaving a little bit of ADA left on my state pool as well so I can keep things running.

the videos and the content that I create so that you guys can know everything that’s happening in the Caradno ecosystem. So really appreciate you guys if you keep staking, even if it’s just a little bit, keep those wallet numbers up and keep staking to ADA-AUS so that we can keep doing what we do best. Now with that, if you enjoyed this episode, thumbs up, click subscribe, click the notification bell and I’ll see you in the next video.

You’ve been listening to the Learn Cardano podcast. Gotta get it hype, crypto is what we like. But this is not investment or financial advice. Gotta do your research, cause it’s risky, we know it is. This show is educational and it’s informative. Crypto’s the future, really, it ain’t no debate.



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