Crypto Education for Students with NFDevils

Episode by Peter Bui on December 11th, 2023

In this interview with Nate from NFDevils, we delve into the intricacies of blockchain crypto education and its significance in the digital age. Nate shares insights on how NFDevils plans to integrate, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies, making them more accessible to a wider audience. We also discuss the importance of education in ensuring safe practices in the evolving world of digital finance and NF Devils’ future plans to integrate blockchain learning into broader educational curriculums.

Nate’s Background and Approach to Crypto Education

Nate, with his background as a teacher, brings a unique perspective to the NFDevils project, leveraging his expertise to integrate blockchain education into schools. This approach not only educates students about the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology but also prepares them for the digital future. By bringing this education into the classroom, Nate aims to equip a new generation with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and innovate in the evolving world of digital finance.

Integrating blockchain education into schools, as envisioned by Nate and the NFDevils project, has the potential to significantly impact the onboarding of new users and students into the world of blockchain technology. Such early exposure not only builds foundational knowledge but also sparks interest and innovation in the next generation. This proactive step in education could lead to a surge in informed and skilled participants in the blockchain and crypto sectors.

Funding the NF Devil’s Crypto Education Platform

Nate’s plan for funding the NFDevils project involves leveraging their Project Catalyst proposal for Fund 11 and the sale of their NFT collection, She Devils. The funds raised from these initiatives are intended to support the development of a Learning Management System, which will be a core part of their Learn to Earn platform, constructed by Castle Digital. This strategy aligns with the project’s goal to create an innovative and interactive educational environment, making blockchain technology more accessible and engaging for learners.

The interview with Nate from NFDevils sheds light on a transformative approach to blockchain education. By leveraging his teaching expertise and innovative strategies like the Learn to Earn platform, Nate aims to make blockchain technology more accessible and engaging, especially for young learners. Obtaining the funding through Project Catalyst and SheDevils NFT sales will make a significant step towards developing an interactive learning management system. This initiative not only educates but also prepares a new generation for the digital future, potentially revolutionizing how we understand and interact with blockchain technology.

Support the Project

You can support their mission by voting for their upcoming Catalyst proposal for fund 11, Revolutionising Education: Unleashing the Power of Web3 Education for a Brighter Tomorrow!

Alternatively you can also mint an NFT of the SheDevils via their website to help raise the funds required for the development of their academy platform.

Learn more about the NFDevils and their work around education and onboarding.

Join their Discord server and follow them on X (Twitter).

Text Transcript

Education is so important whether it comes to your everyday life, your regular day job, working around the house, whatever it is, education can really help you take that leap forward and improve yourself. And when it comes to blockchain, that is no exception. Education in the blockchain space is crucial when it comes to wallet safety, DeFi, NFTs, whatever it is.

The more you know, the better position you are to take advantage of all these opportunities, especially in the blockchain space. There’s various platforms out there such as the Working Dead, Mark from Self Driven, Okto is doing some really amazing thing around the education space. Even our own learn to earn platform on Learn Kadano is just about to launch, all ready for this upcoming bull run where I know this education is needed.

But in this interview I have Nate from NF Devils and they have a really cool approach where they can actually engage with the students. They have that contra and way to get this type of content in front of the students and get them educated at an early stage to understand blockchain technology, what it is and how it can change potential lives in the future when implemented properly. Not just the whole crypto trading and monkey pick side of things but also the real world applications.

and the things that can really make a difference in the world. And Nate is going to talk through the entire project, how they’re going through this, and what they’re after in regards to potential future catalyst funding or NFT funding to help deliver this product. I love their approach. It’s really exciting to see. So hopefully you guys can watch this one to the end to help support the project. If you really like this type of content, please consider giving me a thumbs up, click Subscribe, click that notification bell.

Everything on this channel is around Kodano and I absolutely love having you guys here. Let’s get into this interview All right. Now it’s always good to have another fellow Australian Join me on the podcast to talk about some of the really cool things that us Aussies down under our building and Nate’s coming in to talk about the Devils project NF Devils and Everything that they’re doing around

the ecosystem around education and onboarding users and everything else around it. I love onboarding users and the educational side of things, hence my YouTube channel. But Nate, you’ve got some really cool things going on here. Welcome to the podcast. Hey, thanks for having me. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. I’ve been watching your channel for a long time. And yeah, very excited to let more people know about what we’re doing. Because I think education with this bull run kicking off is going to be such a massive thing.

to ensure that people have a good experience when they’re here and that they stay. Because ultimately that’s what we want. We’re trying to get mass adoption and things like that. But if people come in and have a bad time, they’re not going to stick around. So yeah, very excited to tell people how we plan to help with that problem. So fingers crossed, it is a big bull run. The signs are looking good so far, but we’ll see how things play out in early 2024. But Nate, could you talk through what exactly you’re up to in the ecosystem?

So yeah, I’m the founder of the Non-Punchable Devils NFT project. What we’re building is all around education and onboarding. So my community knows and everyone that I talk to knows I’m a school teacher. I’ve been doing that since nearly 10 years. And yes, I’ve worked in math, science, phys ed, health, and really passionate about education and helping people to just become a better version of themselves. And that’s what I want to bring to the Web3 and the NFT space.

I want to make sure that people can come in, have the best experience possible, really level up their knowledge and have a good time while they’re here, keep them around and continue to build. So yeah, that’s what we’ve been focusing on. Got the community behind us and keep pushing from here. So what’s your approach then? How is this different to some of the other web three on

supporting experiences people might be used to. Like if you start with an exchange, for example, you might hit a Binance Academy or any of these other starting points that are quite common. What’s different with what you’re providing for the community? Yeah, so I’m going to be taking this. It’s going to try and cater for as wide of an audience as possible. But I’m planning to take this actually to the schools, to the coal mine, I guess. I don’t know if that’s the right word for it.

I want to be able to, every time that crypto and NFTs and anything like that becomes a big thing in the news, my students are asking me about it. They want to know what it is, how can they get involved, why people are paying money for something that someone’s drawn on paint, and what this whole experience is all about. How can they set themselves up to have a bright future? Because the schools I work at, it’s not the most affluent populations all the time.

And particularly where I am now, if I can give these kids a start where they can start to grow a bit of a crypto bag and get their understanding, maybe if they get a bit of pocket money, if they’re lucky enough for something like that, putting it into the right place is could really help set them up. So that’s where I want to focus. But yeah, getting this into schools, getting the students of all ages to start learning about it. And I’ve got a few different tricks up my sleeve to help make that happen.

And parts of that comes from having 10 years experience in the profession, having an incredibly broad network. And that’s talking about I’ve worked, I think, for four different schools, five different schools that I’ve been on contracts for, as well as catching up with teachers across the nation for different professional development. And yes, I feel like I’ve got the network to make this happen. I’ve got the contacts that are interested to help make this happen. And yeah, I think a lot of these other places, they’re waiting for people.

to sort of take a leap first, whereas we can get them before they take that leap and help to start that education experience and make sure they’re ready when they get here. It’s really, I think really important to start educating young students about this technology and everything around it. There’s a few projects that are doing this and I love the approach because it really empowers the young generation to think out of the confines

in at the moment or where most people are forced to, such as the common banks that we have, fractional lending and how the monetary system works at the moment. And opening their eyes at such a young age, with an unclouded mind, they can come up with a lot more creative and unique solutions that even us, the devotees of crypto, can’t come up with yet. So it’s a commendable…

job that you do, very, very hard job. Um, but yeah, getting the young ones in early, I think is really, really important. And, um, I, I’d like, uh, what you’re trying to do there. And now you’ve got a bit of, um, a learn to earn mechanism and platform that you guys are trying to roll out. Like I went through a little bit of your, um, light paper and also a catalyst proposal, which I’d like to talk about as well. Um, a little bit later.

But if you can go through the platform that you actually built and the mechanisms around it, so we can understand what your goals are with that. Yeah, for sure. So across the pandemic period, we had to figure out how to go from educating in a classroom where we’re seeing students face to face every day to try and find a way of educating them from home, from afar, where we have no idea if there’s someone giving them the motivation they need to stay online and to learn.

So we had to find different ways of doing that and different platforms. I’ve come across one that I really enjoyed. It had great curriculum, really great user interface, really easy and friendly for the students to be able to follow on and find like they might complete one part of the learning. It could recommend other bits, but it also had an experience-based system and leaderboards. So the students could go through and complete their tasks. It would accumulate them points and put them in a leaderboard. And that’s not only for their classroom.

that could expand out to be across the school, across other people in that topic. And it went worldwide and had all sorts of different competitions. So this is how we’re gonna theme our Learn to Earn and have different leaderboard systems and people accumulating experience points. And they’ll be able to use those experience points if they’re obviously willing to sacrifice them from the leaderboard to engage with the shop. So whether or not they have to sacrifice them from the leaderboard, that’s a whole other thing. That’s the point system. I’m getting them mixed up.

But they’ll be able to use their experience points to exchange for fungible and non fungible tokens So it’s a bit of a motivation and we’ve also got a lot of plans around how we’ll be able to Show their completion of different courses with NFTs and things like that. So they’ll start to develop Yeah, they’ll have a bit of a bag that they’re starting to grow from the like the NFT and the fungible assets But they’ll also have blockchain evidence to say that they’ve completed these courses

which could also set them up for future job opportunities within the web 3 space. They might come to a project, whether they’re fungible or non-fungible, and say, hey, I’ve completed XYZ course, here’s my certificate to show that I’ve done it. And they can show that to a project founder. And so they’ve actually built up a bit of a resume to go with that as well. Yeah, I was just thinking about accreditation and.

You know, some of these courses will be hard to get accreditation and recognized globally by institutions or whatever. But if you go for a Web3 job, them just looking at the course and understanding what they’ve gone through to earn that NFT just makes sense for a lot of them. So if they are applying for a job in the Web3 space, it just makes sense. So I love the approach. I love having the NFTs and rewarding the users.

with crypto and whatnot through their platform and the gamification aspects around it with leaderboards and the points and earning system. Really, really good way of incentivizing the kids to go through and learn through the platform. Yeah, anything that they can do where they’re like versing each other and can try and beat someone, they always just have that little bit of extra like motivation and whether it’s algebra or if it’s learning about DeFi.

I’m sure if they have an opportunity to one up there, like their classmate or even just someone on the other side of the world to get that point ahead on the leaderboard to try and unlock that NFT. And we’ve got all sorts of partner projects that are going to help contribute to the assets that will be in that reward shop as well. So there’s some pretty exciting stuff for them to try to get their hands on. Yeah. I did want to get into the trifecta.

of partnerships that you got going on. We’ll touch that in one second, but before we do, what type of content is going to be in the platform? I know you said it’s going to be quite broad, but has any of it been created yet? Have you started onboarding people? And what should students expect when they come to the platform? And what should they see? And what’s the outcome of it?

Yeah, so unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to start on boarding people through the platform yet because it’s still under development. And we do have our partners that we reference in the catalyst proposal, Castle Digital, who are actually building that platform out for us. They’ve built a lot of things for a lot of companies that you’d know in Australia, like AGL, Bunnings, just to name a few. So yeah, we’ve got like a real world team building this out. So yeah, I’ve started to build out the modules. So I’m doing that just on my computer in the meantime.

So as far as the modules, it’s more just almost like a PowerPoint with Question banks and stuff like that in it just for the time being so I’ve started to get everything ready So once castle digital is finished building out the platform I’m ready to start uploading everything in there So the content is going to be broad because it’s a broad space that we’re in but it’s going to be all rigged up with different Tagging system. So if you want to today learn about defy you can click the defy tag and start following on through that branch

If you want to learn about NFTs, you can. If you want to learn about fungibles, you can. If you want to go into particular native assets specific to Cardano, you can do that. And that’ll all be through that tagging system. And there’ll also be scaling. So if you want to hit the beginner courses, intermediate, hard, whichever it might be. But I want this, this platform, there’s going to be some stuff on there for, obviously onboarding is going to be the free content. So people want to come, what is it? NFT? You can learn about that.

What is Bitcoin? You can learn about that or Cardano or whatever it might be. It’s the stuff that you really want to sink your teeth into and start to get a little bit of a deeper knowledge of the space that is going to be behind the payroll and the token gating. So that is part of what our project offers. If you’re holding our NFT assets, you’ll get access to the platform. And obviously that way you can get your kids access if you’re at home or whatever it might be. But yeah, we’re going as broad as we can.

Through my time in the space, I’ve been the founder of the NFDevils for almost two years now. And across that time I’ve built a range of friendships, relationships, partnerships, collaborations, whatever it might be, with people that are very knowledgeable in the space. So I don’t pretend to sit here and be the absolute guru that knows every single thing. I believe you learn from many masters and that’s the approach that I’ll be applying to help ensure that these courses are built out as good as possible.

Yeah, I was about to say, are you writing this all yourself or any other people to write it? Yeah. So I’m going to have enough built out myself that we’ve got a starting base and I’m taking requests from the community as well. If someone says they want to learn about this, then I’m putting time aside. If I need to learn about it, learning about it myself and putting it into a content as if I would for a student at school. So I’ve got such a vast experience with that and presenting materials and like finding engaging ways for

the kids, whether it’s in math, science, phys ed, health, like, it’s different challenges I’ve had to face across the like my journey in my real world career, that I’m just prepared to do it, you know what I mean? So I’ve got stuff from my knowledge. It’s going to be a piece of cake for you really. Yeah, it’s just, I’m just doing my IRL but in web 3. So yeah, I’ll just like, I’m creating as much as I can from my base of knowledge and doing bits of research where I need to beef it up a little bit.

And then if someone comes to me with a specific thing that I go, how lost prevention and retention. I know that that’s a big thing for Esco. Oh, hello Esco and he can come on and help me out with that. Or I’ve got the whole calm down. I crew. So shout out to those guys. Sorry. Yes. 20 I’m missing your space right now. But there’s there’s guys in there that have such intricate knowledge of different parts of the space that you’d be foolish not to use them.

I’ll use them, work with them. You know what I mean? So you’ve got people from all walks of life with all levels of experience. Some people have been here for 10, 12 years in crypto. Some people have been here for six months, but they bring a wealth of knowledge from security or design or gaming or whatever it might be. So yeah, I plan to work with these people and obviously reward anyone that helps to work with me.

to make this as expansive and captivating of a platform as possible. Okay. So how does the, I read this on the documentation. I like the title trifecta interactive entertainment hub. How does that come into it? Cause I’ve seen the mention of some other really cool projects in there as well. How does that get involved with the project? Yeah, awesome. So we’ve got a really strong Alliance that we call the trifecta.

and that is with the Elysium Tines and the Secret Bull Society. So I don’t like to dwell on the past too much, but I’ll give you the negative little bit that we started from. So the Non-Fungible Devils was originally a rugby project. Myself and Derek is on the team now. We’re both like strong members of that community prior to the rug. And we worked together throughout all of the unfortunate events just to sum it up briefly.

to get control of the project, get the keys, get the royalty wallet changed, take over, pick up at an 8-8 a floor price and drive it for the massive journey we’ve been on for the past two years. One person that really helped to make that journey possible and to advise me along the way is Randall, the founder of the Elysium Times. And he’s just been like my, what’s a better word, the advisor.

has been like one of those masters that has been in the space for such a long time. The amount of he’s probably lost more money in the space than a lot of people have even seen in their life from yeah I’ll let him tell you the story about the thousand plus Ethereum that he had on a computer at his mom’s house that she threw in the bin when he moved out. So yeah so he’s been around for quite a while and he’s been able to help me to navigate this space and go from being.

community member to a like a moderator community manager and then into the founder role and Then just helping me to negotiate the different challenges along the way from community building to Managing the like all sorts of walks like the minting process for the she there was only got to that And yeah, it’s just been a massive help Secret Ball Society had a similar fate. They were a rugby project that has been picked up and resurrected

So the Devils and the Bulls coming from that with Randall as an advisor, we’re like, well, let’s call ourselves the trifecta. And yeah, we’ve just been on this massive journey together. The trifecta interactive platform that you mentioned. So the Titans, they’re all about gaming. And they’re initially coming into the space to build out a game kind of similar to Brawl Stars, which is a work in progress. And then since the Bulls took over, they put a big focus on streaming.

And those guys love their UFC and their mixed martial arts. So that’s, they’re bringing that aspect to it. Yeah. So between the, uh, the three projects, we’ve got the education, we’ve got the gaming, we’ve got the streaming and we just thought those things marry together to become the trifecta interactive hub. And people can, it can be the one stock shop for people to get just that everything that they want to get from the space. Majorly cool.

All right. I didn’t realize the balls were into MMA and whatnot. So I’m a big boxer myself. I don’t have my gear up on the wall drying at the moment, but yeah, it’s I’m normally in the gym, I got spending hours boxing. So I got to get into that project. I’ve got to find out a little bit more about it, but Yeah, you have to come chat with Evie. He’s a jujitsu ninja. So, right. Okay. I will check out a space and have a chat to the guys.

But what you’re doing with these other projects and having Randall there as well with the wealth experience is absolutely fantastic because there’s so many people out there with skills, experiences that can help guide and deliver some really good content through your platform. So excited to see what comes out of that and where you guys will take it. But we kind of touched on it a little bit before your catalyst proposal and what you guys are building with Castle Digital.

the whole learning platform. Can you talk through a little bit about the platform that you’re building, your catalyst proposal, and what the outcome of that will be? Yeah, awesome. So we were hoping, like I’m sure just about every project comes into the NFT space that we’d sell out in five minutes and we’d have all the funds we need to build. Yeah. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reality. We had all sorts of fun. Again, I’m not gonna dwell on the past, but a lot of people know.

I’m not a big fan of the flavor peppermint to say the least. Okay. But yeah, so we’ve been to had all sorts of hurdles, but we’ve got to where we are today. We’re sitting at 42% minted out and we’re like, okay, how can we get the rest of the funds that we need to get this platform built out and really get this journey underway? So that’s where we’re like, okay, project catalysts coming up. They’ve got a section for education.

And if we manage to secure some catalyst funding, we’ll be able to get this whole platform up and running in the next sort of six to nine months. I will have it into schools and students of all ages starting to engage and learn. And if the market keeps going the way they’re going, people are gonna be screaming for it. So I wanna be able to get this thing built out as quickly as we can. All right, brilliant.

I will put links to it in the show notes so people can check out the proposal and get a better understanding what you guys building, how much funding, etc. that you’re asking for. What was the funding number? It’s like a 130,000. Yeah, 140,000 we’re asking for. And that’s going to put us into the position that we’re like good to go. Everything from that point can happen. And we can have this platform built out. We can be just starting to achieve the dream that we’ve set out to achieve.

which is getting people into the space, ensuring they’re having that good time when they’re here and keeping them around. But also starting, like we said, with the learn to earn, starting to develop their bag and get themselves into a pretty good situation to be starting in. All right, brilliant. Like I said, I’ll put all the links and everything in the show notes down below so people can find out a little bit more about the project and support you guys as well. I’m sure you could do with a few more mints, you know, if the catalyst funding doesn’t go through.

The NFT minting is the direction to go to help fund the project and hopefully get this platform all online and running. Yeah, and we’re quite fortunate with our relationship with Castle Digital that we’ve got systems in place that will make sure we get this platform out there. But we want it to be like a perfect situation for when someone arrives to the platform, we want it to have the good UI, we want it to have a good UX. We want it to be smooth. We want it to be beautiful, basically.

And yeah, so getting this project minted out, that will be phenomenal. Getting the catalyst funding will be phenomenal. If we get both done, we can start moving on to the next part of our journey. That’s after the education platform, but still ties in with it. That I’m not talking about too much just yet, because we want to tick off the first box before we move on to the second one, but it’s still in the space of education, but it’s starting to look at some, yeah, some more, but just the next level of where we can take this, like the platform.

And like you said, with different certifications and type of things like that. So that’s a little sneak peek. Okay. I don’t want to say too much. Save it for the follow up interview. You don’t need to tell me all of it now. Any final words before we log off in the end of session? Just anyone that wants to ask more, come into the Discord. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can. You’ll find me in Twitter spaces most days. My Twitter is nate underscore nfd.

Um, or just on the NF devils Twitter, I’ll be on calm down over most Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so you can catch us in there talking and I encourage people like come up, ask me how are we going to achieve this? How are we going to do it? Ask me some difficult questions because sometimes I can’t think of everything when I’m trying to lie in this sort of situation. Um, but yeah, hit me with the hard questions. Come and say, why can you do it? And I’ll tell you exactly why I can do it. Why I’ve got the passion, the motivation, um, why the

the journey we’ve been on for the last two years has set us up. We’ve got the fire in our belly that we’ve been like resurrecting a project through the bear. And now we’re here, we’re starting like the markets are starting to look a bit better. I’m wearing green for that big green God candle that we had. Yeah. So like, yeah, I’m just super excited. I know we’re going to make this happen. We’ve got the right partnerships in the space. If you haven’t heard about us, you’re going to be hearing a lot about us very soon.

So yeah, come on down, ask me the questions, get involved. And yeah, let’s have some fun. Thank you again, Nate, for joining on this episode and looking forward to seeing the platform launch and the content get out there to onboard all these students and all these other people that are just coming into the market. Yeah, awesome. Thanks, Hayes, for having me. Awesome. Chat soon. As always, all the show notes and references on our website at You can find out.

everything you need to know about NF Devils, support Nate and the team there in building this fantastic education platform and everything else around us. Having that ability to teach these kids at such a young age in regards to everything around the blockchain space is so crucial and I’d love to see this type of work implemented in the space. Once again, if you enjoy this content, thumbs up, click subscribe, click the notification bell, follow me on Twitter.

Astro Boy Soup, you find a lot of Cardano related content there as well. And that’s it for me, I’ll see you in the next video.