Crypto Security Tips to Protect Your Crypto Assets

Episode by Peter Bui on February 20th, 2023

Kyle from EpochSec joins me to discuss his Project Catalyst project, which was created to provide crypto users with free security consultation and advice funded by the Cardano community. His goal is to equip crypto users with the knowledge and resources they need in order to stay protected online.

To achieve this, Kyle has launched various initiatives to make crypto security more accessible. For instance, his website contains an array of resources on crypto security and he regularly hosts interviews and Twitter Spaces to provide expert advice. Through these initiatives, users can gain access to experienced security experts and become better educated on crypto safety.

This is a great initiative that is helping crypto users stay safe online, and we are grateful for Kyle’s efforts! Keep up the great work, Kyle!

A few resources and websites that Kyle mention include:

Have You Been Pwned

Have I Been Pwned is an online service that allows crypto users to easily check if their data has been compromised. By entering your email address, you can find out whether or not your personal information has been exposed in a data breach. This website is a great tool for crypto users who want to understand their crypto security risk and protect their data.

Security Tips from Kyle

Kyle equipped us with essential advice to stay safe and secure, not only when investing in cryptocurrencies but also overall in the digital realm.

  • Check who is contacting you, authentic person?
  • VPN for privacy
  • White list wallet access
  • Use website checker, whois
  • Two factor authentication, not just SMS
  • Hardware 2FA such as a YubiKey
  • SIM locking to stop sim jacking

If you want to learn more about crypto security, make sure to follow Kyle on Twitter and visit his website, You can also join in on his weekly online Twitter Spaces for expert advice. Stay safe online, everyone!


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