Decentralised Computing Power with NuNet

Episode by Peter Bui on February 22nd, 2023

In my interview with Dr. Kabir Veitas at the conclusion of RareBloom/RareEvo in 2022, we discussed his launch of Command Line Interface (CLI) tools which provides users such as stake pool operators access to computing power within the Cardano ecosystem.

Dr. Veitas’ launch of Command Line Interface (CLI) tools is a revolutionary step towards true decentralisation of the Cardano network, allowing Stake Pool Operators to pull upon cheaper, decentralised computing power to run their stake pools. NuNet is the infrastructure that makes this possible – by combining the latent computer power of independently owned compute devices across the globe.

The NuNet Utility Token (NTX) facilitates this system, rewarding those who share their computing power with NuNet and creating an incentivised market for distributed cloud computing resources. This revolutionary framework is a great step forward in bringing about decentralisation of the Cardano network and making it more resilient against attacks from malicious actors.

The potential for NuNet to revolutionise distributed computing is immense, and I’m excited to see the impact it has on our world in the years to come. With such a powerful framework driving Cardano forward, there’s no telling what heights we can reach!

What is NuNet?

NuNet is an ambitious project that aims to create a globally decentralised computing framework. This framework will combine the latent computing power of computers across the globe into one dynamic marketplace. The people who use this marketplace will be rewarded through the NuNet Utility Token (NTX). With decentralised computing, users are able to benefit from faster and more secure data processing and storage, as well as access to a more open and transparent platform. NuNet will revolutionise the way that computing is conducted on a global scale, bringing new opportunities for businesses, researchers and everyday users alike.

NuNet has already made massive strides forward with its tested prototypes and comprehensive development plan. With its innovative approach to decentralised computing and tokenomics, NuNet is set to become the leader in its field.

Launch of the CLI Device Management Service (DMS)

If you wish to participate in the NuNet process and test out the new Device Management Service (DMS), you can download it from the NuNet Gitlab repositories. NuNet’s DMS is unique in its ability to coordinate and manage computing devices across a variety of operating systems, currently Debian. Through this service, users will have unprecedented access to powerful computing resources, all while remaining secure and connected.

The launch of the service marks a major development in NuNet’s mission to revolutionise the way that decentralised computing works on a global scale. With the DMS, NuNet is poised to become one of the most innovative and important projects in the decentralised computing landscape. Download it now and join NuNet on this incredible journey!

At RareEvo in 2022, NuNet released a flurry of video demos showcasing their new Device Management Service (DMS). These videos sparked excitement among users and tech experts alike. Demonstrating the functionality of the DMS, they showed how it works to coordinate and manage computing devices across a variety of operating systems. The videos highlighted the security and connectivity that the service provides, as well as its ability to provide users with unprecedented access to powerful computing resources.

NuNet EarnDrop

NuNet has recently announced the launch of EarnDrop, a rewards program in which users can receive NTX tokens for participating. The program was developed in collaboration with DripDropz, a platform that allows users to gain access to exclusive tokens.

EarnDrop is an excellent way for users to get involved with NuNet and benefit from its innovative tokenomics.

Users can simply delegate to one of the many EarnDrop stake pools and earn both their ADA rewards and the NuNet $NTX token.

For more information about the distribution and claim process, please refer to their documentation and latest article about the process.


The future of NuNet is an exciting one. As it continues to grow and evolve, more opportunities will open up for businesses, researchers and everyday users alike. By making computing faster, better and more secure than ever before, NuNet has the potential to revolutionise how computing is used on a global scale.

So join NuNet today and experience the future of decentralised computing! It’s set to be an exciting journey, so don’t miss out. Start now and see what opportunities await you! Experience the freedom of decentralised computing with NuNet. Get started today!



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