De.Fi, Cross-Chain Portfolio Dashboard

Episode by Peter Bui on March 6th, 2023

De.Fi is a revolutionary DeFi platform that offers a unique blend of asset and risk management tools to help investors succeed and stay safe in the volatile DeFi landscape. The platform provides a comprehensive dashboard that enables users to track investment opportunities and monitor key performance metrics such as profit and loss, impermanent loss, and farming rewards. Additionally, De.Fi’s asset management tools allow users to easily allocate and reallocate funds across different DeFi projects and blockchains.

To ensure user safety, the platform also features an Approvals Analyzer that alerts users of any approvals for malicious dApps that may contain backdoors or infinite minting, helping to prevent any security breaches. By providing these powerful risk management tools, De.Fi is empowering users to make informed decisions and take control of their DeFi investments with confidence. Overall, De.Fi is an innovative and user-friendly platform that is redefining the DeFi landscape by prioritizing safety, accessibility, and profitability.

The De.Fi Dashboard

The De.Fi platform’s dashboard provides users with an account overview that shows the total balance of their crypto wallet and the total value of funds deposited in vaults, including those in liquidity pools, those being lent out, staked funds, and the total debt value. The dashboard also displays the value of assets grouped by blockchain network, the DeFi platforms currently in use, and portfolio information by tokens, including prices, balances, and USD values.

Users can filter portfolio data by blockchain network and exchange tokens for the best rates on the market. The platform also calculates a profit and loss (P&L) for each asset in users’ portfolios based on incoming and outgoing transfers, received rewards, and accrued rewards during the analysed period, with the value of accruals expressed in relation to the current price of the asset.

Security Scans

The De.Fi dashboard scans approved smart contract addresses for safety metrics, including verification, owner type, major EOA holders, abandoned status, migration functionality, pause, minting functionality, newness, proxy usage, and mixers. Users can modify approved token amounts or decline allowances based on their risk exposure valued in USD.

A Smart Notifications system informs users about risks once a risky smart contract has been identified. The security scanning of approved contracts will cover all the most frequent DeFi-specific smart contract vulnerabilities.

Adding Cardano

De.Fi has added Cardano-based DeFi protocols SundaeSwap and Minswap to its platform, making it the first yield farming dashboard to integrate with the Cardano blockchain. This addition allows investors to track DeFi investments on Cardano in addition to the existing 23 chains and more than 100 protocols already offered on the platform. De.Fi’s ecosystem includes an innovative suite of cutting-edge security tools that monitor investment risks in real-time, making it easier for investors to manage all their investments across chains and platforms in one platform. SundaeSwap and Minswap are currently among the top trending protocols on the platform, with the highest total value locked.

You can find out more about De.Fi at their new website


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