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Don’t Miss Out on These Cardano ISPOs for January 2023

Peter Bui - Learn Cardano Podcast

Episode by Peter Bui on February 1st, 2023

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Ready to take your crypto game to the next level? Delegate your ADA tokens to the hottest Initial Stake Pool Offerings in the Cardano ecosystem, and watch your rewards soar! With a plethora of new and existing projects, you have a world of opportunities to choose from.

But the best part? It’s non-custodial, so your ADA never leaves your wallet. Stake and delegate confidently, as your hard-earned tokens are always protected within your self-custody wallet.

Here is a list of links for all the mentioned projects:

  • https://summonplatform.io/
  • https://climateneutralcardano.org/cnc-ala-ispo/
  • https://medium.com/@TeddySwapDEX/fair-initial-stakepool-offering-fiso-259848035acb
  • https://teddyswap.org/
  • https://twitter.com/Kirkstone_io/status/1583458090590081032
  • https://www.astarter.io/
  • CSwap – https://bit.ly/3sWUUsb
  • https://www.reitcircles.com/ispo
  • https://delegation.iamx.id/
  • https://www.shareslake.com/ispo
  • https://twitter.com/astroboysoup/status/1620222939890319361
  • https://staking.gokey.network/
  • https://gerowallet.medium.com/announcing-gero-stake-pool-rewards-1a1b8e7f22f1