EP034 – Creating Cardano NFTs via Smart Contracts on CardaHub

Episode by Peter Bui on November 26th, 2021

Since March, Cardano has had native tokens and non-fungible tokens on the blockchain and users could create them, without smart contracts! It is one of the key features of the Cardano ecosystem that makes it different to other blockchains. ADA and other tokens on the blockchain are treated the same way. Since smart contracts are needed to mint an NFT, new and novel ways have been created. New services and systems have evolved around it. Now that smart contracts do exist on Cardano, the landscape is changing and evolving. CardanHub is one platform that is doing just this. They allow you to create an NFT directly on their website with a smart web3 wallet such as Nami and mint directly to the smart contract. There is no middle man in the process of moving things to a third party service. All the data is passed directly to the smart contract via the website, executed from your wallet, processed on the blockchain and then sent back to your wallet.

News Updates for This Week

Hosky Token

Hosky token takes over the blockchain

IOG Casually Increase the Cardano Block size

Input-Output Global put in the submission to increase the block size of the blockchain in order to handle the upcoming DeFi era and smart contracts on Cardano.

Introducing CardaHub.io

CardaHub release the smart contract and decentralised minting service for Cardano NFTs.

What is better? Mary Era NFTs or Alonzo Era NFTs

Debate around Mary Era NFTs or Alonzo Era NFTs, which is better? Join the debate on the Cardano Forums.

Lovelace Academy Launches

Learn everything you need to know about Cardano development. https://learn.lovelace.adademy

New Community Built Wallet – Typhon

Awesome new wallet made by the Cardano community. Feature-rich. https://typhonwallet.io/

Ardana $DANA token Listing

Ardana successfully launches their $DANA token on three different exchanges. You can now buy the $DANA token on: Learn more about Ardana.

NFT Projects:

Tutorial on How to Mint an NFT via CardaHub

Mint Episode 34 as an NFT

If you would like to show support for the Learn Cardano Podcast and all that we do, you can send 6.5 ADA to the address to mint this episode as an NFT.


Send 6.5 ADA + transaction fee. The NFT of Episode 34 will be created and sent back to you with excess ADA for the transfer.


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