EP036 – Cardano News Updates 14th Dec 2021

Episode by Peter Bui on December 14th, 2021

Milkomeda EVM Support for Cardano

Building smart contracts on Cardano is hard. There are many companies out there that are building some amazing Dapps and doing so using the Plutus Smart Contract language which is based on Haskell. Since it is a relatively new language, there aren’t as many developers in the ecosystem. The learning curve is hard and the lack of developers makes development a little slow.

With an Ethereum Virtual Machine side chain, this allows for the bridging of Ethereum based smart contracts to be built and talk to Cardano.

Ethereum gas fees are too high, it limits many from entering the DeFi space. On the other hand, the developer ecosystem is good! There are many developers and lots of tooling and resources for developers to start using and building smart contracts.

Milkomeda is not a bridge, from Ethereum to Cardano, there are other projects doing that. Milkomeda brings EVM capabilities to Cardano. You can learn more about the Milkomeda and what it is capable of.

IOGs ERC20 Converter

IOG has released their ERC20 converter on the Cardano Testnet. This allows for the migration of Ethereum based tokens over to Cardano. With high fees for moving tokens around and participating in DApps, having projects convert over to Cardano means they can take advantage of low fees, and other mechanisms that make it more desirable to participate in DeFi and interact with DApps. Find out more about the launch of the ERC20 Converter on Testnet.

Cardano Surpasses 1M Actively Staked Wallets

The Cardano project has reached a huge milestone and has hit over 1M active wallets that are staking for rewards on Cardano.

SundaeSwap Taste Test

The SundaeSwap team have announced their way to help protect the retail market from the pump and dumps on their DEX when the market launches. This held liquidity for a period of 10 deals where anyone can move their tokens in and out will help ease the up and down swings that occur on normal token releases. As the market is given time to determine the price based on what is provided to the liquidity pools. Read more about the SundaeSwap Taste Test.

ADAHandle announced BETA launch Sale 17th Dec

This is one naming service project that I’ve been watching for the last few months and am looking forward to. The team have been building their solution, testing on Testnet and engaging actively with the community to put together a great project.

ADAHandle allows you to have a human-readable address for your wallet. Instead of giving someone a long string of characters that is hard to read let alone remember, you can have a vanity handle assigned to your address and you’re good to go! Give someone your handle and that person will be able to transfer ADA directly to that handle instead of an address.

The BETA launch has been announced for the 17th of December. No more details have been announced just yet.

CardaHub enters there Testnet stage for their marketplace

CardaHub have been successful with their NFT minting service all done via Smart Contracts.

They have now moved to the smart contracts for the marketplace.

Check out the video where we demo the entire process of buying and selling NFTs via their marketplace.

Meld ISPO is officially Over, where to next? Final Round.

The Meld ISPO is finally over and there are many other projects you can potentially delegate your ADA.

Read our ISPO blog post where we review and highlight some projects that are going through ISPOs right now.

We also did an interview with the team from Veritree, Ken Olling from Meld and Jeremy Firster from the Cardano foundation all about the final rewards epoch for the Cardano Global Impact Challenge.

Dual Leaders, Double Producers

This all came about when pool operators from the community were complaining about a lot of orphaned blocks. These are blocks that are produced correctly by stake pool operators but are discarded due to being produced on a chain that has been forked and removed. This is a common and a normal part of the network but, in this situation, blocks have nee accidentally removed due to maintenance scripts not working as they should.

Watch the video by Andrew which explains the Dual Leader scenario, why pool operators run dual block producers and what happens when dual leaders are run on the network.

The community overall has come together with various solutions to help monitor this and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Ronin Universe Cardano Shinobi Drop

Over the weekend, a team that we have been working with released their latest NFT drop. The Ronin Universe released their latest drop, the Cardano Shinobi.

It wasn’t without its own dramas, there was a cache rendering issue on the release of the NFT and a scammer managed to post a fake address on the community Discord, scamming various users in the process.

Claymates in TimeSquare


MinSwap FISO Claim

The MinSwap FISO ended last month and it is now time to start claiming your MINt rewards.

Look up your stake address, enter it into the FISO dashboard, pay the fee and receive your MINt tokens.

Learn more about the MinSwap Claim

Awesome CNFT Projects to Follow

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