EP042 – Cardano ADA News Update from May 27th, 2022

Episode by Peter Bui on May 27th, 2022

This week I look at a few updates from the Cardano community. More projects are delivering new tooling along with new partnerships.

Project Catalyst Fund 9 is coming up


Register for the upcoming town hall events.

dcSpark Release Carp

dcSpark have released a new indexer tool that is faster and more optimised in how it works compared to the current DB-sync tool that is currently widely used in the Cardano ecosystem.

Find out more from Carp.

Cardax Inches Closer to Testnet launch


Brian from Hero Pool Launches his own Podcast

Brian chats to Billy Martin in episode 2 of the Blockchain Exposed podcast.

Check out the podcast anywhere you listen to your favourite pods.

The Vasil Family changed from Ginko Pool to VASIL Pool

Originally Vasil had run a relay for the GINKGO pool while a technical operator ran additional relays. At some point, Vasil focused all of his efforts related to the pool on attracting delegators/promoting the pool and powered down his relay.

However, prior to his passing, Vasil and the original technical operator had not articulated a clear agreement in regard to pool ownership and the distribution of operator rewards. It has since become clear that Vasil’s estate/family and the original technical operator have very different views of the ownership of the pool, operator rewards, and responsibilities of each party.

As a result, in order to realize Vasil’s original vision, his estate/family has started the VASIL pool with a new technical operator (with a clearly articulated agreement).

In light of this we are asking all delegators who support Vasil’s vision and the mission of the pool to re-delegate to the VASIL pool on or by June 1, 2022.

Read more about the change on their blog.

Jam On Bread NFT Marketplace Introduces Offers


Jam on Bread Swatting Security Vulnerabilities

Read more about how the team from Jam on Bread are helping secure the CNFT space for Cardano.

Liqwid Finance Demo Their Batching System


Flac Finance and MinSwap Partnership

The two teams have come up with a partnership where you will be able to use your Min tokens as collateral in Flac Finance DeFi loans.

Read more about the partnership between Flac Finance and MinSwap.

Cardano Community @ Consensus

Networking with the larger Cardano community is crucial to growing and forming a cohesive bond between parties.

If you can make it to the community event, I highly recommend that you go, network with others in the Cardano Community and build something great.

Find out more about the Meetup.