EP043 – WingRiders IDO, Token Generation Event & Updates

Episode by Peter Bui on July 2nd, 2022

The WingRiders decentralised exchange built on Cardano is kicking goals as it grows and evolves its platform.

The team are currently going through a token sale on various IDO platforms where users can participate and gain access to these tokens.

Current Total Value Locked on Cardano

Wingriders DEX TVL
Current Cardano TVL ranks as of 2nd July 2022

The WingRiders team currently holds the number 1 position in terms of Total Value Locked in the Cardano DeFi space. WingRiders is one Cardano DEX that has wrapped BTC, wrapped Eth and more importantly, wrapped USDC and USDT.

Having stablecoins on the platform has been highly advantageous during the bear market where users are more likely to be selling their assets for USD-based stable coins to protect their profits from various trades.

Read more about WingRiders becoming the number one DEX on Cardano.

WingRiders $WRT Token

If you’re providing liquidity in certain farms on the WingRiders DEX, you will be earning a certain amount of WingRiders Tokens.

At this time, the tokens have not been created and won’t be until the token generation event, which is scheduled for mid-July 2022 (11th-15th July 2022).

About the WingRiders IDO Sale

If you’re interested in participating in the various IDO token sales to be able to obtain the $WRT tokens then you will need to set up accounts on the various IDO platforms that WingRiders is engaged with.

Please check with the teams to confirm these dates.

You can read more about the IDO platforms and instructions on how to participate in the various IDO sales on each platform.

Chance to Buy $WRT on DAO Maker

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