EP048 – Ardana ISPO Update, July 2022

Episode by Peter Bui on July 20th, 2022

Many are wondering what is happening with the Ardana ISPO and where their earned $DANA tokens are from the ISPO, and there is a good reason as to why you don’t see your earnt tokens just yet.

If you want to find out more about the token distribution and the delivery method via DripDropz, please refer to the original post by the Ardana team.

At the time of writing and publishing this video, you can not yet claim your $DANA tokens via DripDropz.

There is a delay in being able to claim the $DANA tokens.

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Almost Socially Engineered

One of the most common security hacks is to be socially engineered. That is, you can gain the trust of someone to then release assets, passwords or anything else of value that the hacker can use for themselves or against you.

This is what almost happened to Ardana if the DripDropz team didn’t pick up on what was going on.

Llyod Duhon from the DripDropz team wrote a great summary about what they had found out in their investigation once the announcement from Ardana stated that DripDropz was the claiming platform. But the DripDropz team had no idea Ardana was using their platform for this.

You can read the full article to get a better understanding of the situation.

Ardana Community Call

Ryan recently addressed the issue with the community in a public community call on Twitter Spaces, where they talked about the issue and what was happening now in terms of legal proceedings.

When Can I Claim My $DANA Tokens

The simple answer is not yet, but very soon.

As soon as the paperwork and documents for distribution are signed off by the Ardana and DripDropz team, and the rewards mechanism is all sorted for the consumer, then we will be able to claim our tokens.

We will just have to be patient until all that is sorted.

Can I Still Delegate to Earn $DANA Tokens?

Yes, you still can stake your ADA to any of the ASPA pools to earn ADA rewards and $DANA tokens at the same time. For any of the great ASPA pools or even our stake pool, ADAOZ will allow you to earn DANA and ADA rewards.


2 Replies to “EP048 – Ardana ISPO Update, July 2022”

  1. When is Cardano going to partner with companies like Facebook, eBay, Adobe, DraftKings, etc? Probably logon MATIC should not be the steward of web3 and the crypto space in general.

    1. Dunno, it all depends on what the use cases are.

      Facebook is a centralised platform, no point of using a decentralised blockchain for it and they have that Libra project that they launched and then rebranded.

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