EP054 – Metaverse Infrastructure Platform for Metaverses, Reach Metaverse Interview

Episode by Peter Bui on August 6th, 2022

Reach Metaverse is taking a very different approach to building its project. Where most metaverse projects are building their communities and spending time on developing their worlds, Reach is building the underlying infrastructure and software development kits required that projects can use to develop and create their metaverses.

This helps other projects develop faster and removes some of the complex and technical aspects of running the servers and infrastructure required for such metaverse environments.

You can think of it as hosting service providers for websites or even turn-key solutions and online site builders such as Wix or Squarespace, which take away all of the complexity of building the environments and hosting from building a website.

Reach Metaverse’s Own Flagship Metaverse

Reach metaverse screenshot
In-game screenshot from Reach Metaverse

Reach Metaverse also have its flagship metaverse environment, which integrates directly with the Cardano blockchain.

Augmented Reality with Reach

In this demo from the Reach team, it showcases how their platform can be used on a mobile device to create a collaborative and interactive 3D and metaverse experience, allowing users to share information and collaborate in the experience.

Their metaverse platform takes experiences far beyond online worlds incorporating real physical spaces and real person collaboration and interaction.

Reach Metaverse NFT Sale

For those that missed out on purchasing land and property slots in the District 1 NFT sale, you can still purchase them on various secondary marketplaces such as Jpg.Store, CNFT.io and Cardahub.

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