Get $NTX Airdrop & $ADA Rewards, NuNet Earndrop 2.0 ISPO

Episode by Peter Bui on February 3rd, 2023

The announcement from the NuNet team introduces a new program that rewards users for holding NTX in a Cardano wallet and claiming them through a partner called DripDropz. The program resembles a previous Earndrop campaign that involved SPOs, but with the additional requirement of holding NTX. The article provides more information about the program and how to participate.

Requirements to Earn NTX Tokens in the Earndrop

To be able to earn NTX tokens in this secondary round of the Earndrop, you must meet these basic requirements.

  • Hold at least 10,000 NTX tokens in your Cardano wallet
  • Have at least 150 ADA staked in your wallet
  • Staked your ADA to one of the many partner pools that are providing Earndrop tokens.
NuNet Earndrop partner stake pools

There are over 100 partner pools that you can delegate to in order to earn your bonus NTX tokens.

Please note that this Earndrop allows you to earn your regular ADA staking rewards and the bonus NTX tokens. This process is a token distribution based on engagement compared to a fund raising method that most ISPOs use.

How to Claim Your NTX Tokens

After delegating your ADA for the required period, you can claim your NTX tokens from the DripDropz platform after March 21st. Simply connect your wallet or add your address to the DropDropz platform and follow the prompts to claim.

Visit the DripDropz website


Visit the website.

Add in Your Receiving Address

dripdropz address

Obtain your receiving address from your Cardano native wallet. Paste your address and click CHECK ADDRESS.

Do not use a wallet from an exchange.

Select Tokens to Claim

dripdropz select token

Select the tokens you wish to claim from the platform.

Pay to Claim Your Tokens

dripdropz pay to claim

Send the required amount of ADA to the payment address to claim your tokens.

You can also connect your web3 enabled wallet to more easily claim your tokens.

Wait for Tokens to be Sent

Give the platform a minute or so to transfer your tokens and you’re done!

Current Trading Price NTX/ADA

NTX/ADA trading price 26th Feb 2023

NTX token’s current trading price on TapTools.

Find Out More About the Earndrop 2.0

Medium post about the EarnDrop.

Support Our Work, Delegate to ADAOZ

Delegate to ADAOZ to earn your ADA rewards and NTX tokens.


2 Replies to “Get $NTX Airdrop & $ADA Rewards, NuNet Earndrop 2.0 ISPO”

  1. I followed your instructions to participate in the NuNet Earndrop on Tosidrop. I have been checking Tosidrop for NTX tokens to claim since Feb. 14th, and there have been none. I have also been checking for them on DripDropz. Nothing there either. Has there been a problem with the Earndrop?

    1. I checked my wallet and I don’t see anything either.

      I’ve fired a message to the team to work out what is going on and I’ll update people in a new video.

      There must be an issue since the swap over from TosiDrop back to DripDropz.

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