Leveraging Steam to Grow a Web3 Gaming Company – Mad Dog Car Club

Episode by Peter Bui on June 30th, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of NFTs and blockchain, Mad Dog Car Club stands out with its innovative approach to gaming. The project focuses on integrating NFTs into the gaming space, offering two exciting games: MD Racing, a thrilling blockchain racing game, and MD Royale, an adrenaline-pumping web 2 first-person shooter.

Let’s dive into the key points and topics discussed in a recent podcast episode featuring the team behind Mad Dog Car Club.

  1. Pioneer of Blockchain Gaming on Cardano: Mad Dog Car Club aims to lead the way in blockchain gaming on the Cardano network. With MD Racing and MD Royale, the team is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming industry.
  2. MD Racing: A Blockchain Racing Game: MD Racing offers a unique gaming experience for racing enthusiasts. The game has already been launched, with a multiplayer update on the horizon. Mad Dog Car Club has integrated their NFTs, including Mad Dogs, cars, and racers, into the game, providing players with an immersive and interactive experience.
  3. MD Royale: Bridging Web 2 and Web 3 Gaming: To expand their reach and bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain gaming, Mad Dog Car Club is taking a different approach with MD Royale. Initially launching as a web 2 game on Steam, MD Royale will gradually integrate blockchain technology when Steam embraces it. This strategy allows the team to tap into the larger web 2 gaming market while paving the way for future web 3 gaming experiences.
  4. The Talented Development Team: With a team of around 15 individuals, including five dedicated game developers, Mad Dog Car Club possesses the necessary expertise to create exceptional gaming experiences. Led by an experienced game developer, the team ensures the quick development and effective management of their games.
  5. Funding and Sustainability: Like many ambitious projects, Mad Dog Car Club faces the challenge of funding game development. The team manages a tight budget by reinvesting profits back into the company. Additionally, they have secured support from two private investors to navigate the bear market successfully.
  6. Game Availability and Future Plans: MD Racing is already available for download from the Mad Dog Car Club website, offering players a taste of their blockchain racing experience. As for MD Royale, it is currently in production and expected to launch on Steam in the near future. The team is working on a comprehensive white paper to provide more insights into both games and their vision for the future.
  7. Revenue Generation: To sustain their operations, Mad Dog Car Club plans to capitalize on the web 2 gaming market. MD Royale will be free to play, with revenue generated through battle passes and crate sales. Players can expect a variety of crates, including weapon and character crates, allowing them to personalize their gaming experience. The team also plans to reward top players in community competitions with exclusive skins and potentially other valuable rewards, such as NFTs or ADA.
  8. Engaging Community: Mad Dog Car Club’s active and vibrant community can be found on Discord. The team organizes weekly game nights, where participants can earn rewards and Discord XP. These efforts foster a strong sense of community and engagement among players.

Conclusion: Mad Dog Car Club is pushing the boundaries of blockchain gaming with their projects, MD Racing and MD Royale. By combining the best of web 2 and web 3 gaming, they aim to create engaging experiences that attract players from both worlds. With a talented development team, strategic funding, and a focus on community engagement, Mad Dog Car Club is poised to make a significant impact in the gaming industry. Keep an eye out for their upcoming game releases and witness the future of blockchain gaming firsthand.

You can find out more about the project at: https://bit.ly/3CPGHlX


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