Mainstreet Point of Sales for Crypto Payments

Episode by Peter Bui on November 18th, 2023

Mainstreet is a versatile payment application designed to make cryptocurrency transactions accessible and straightforward for everyone. It integrates the new economy with traditional business operations on a single platform. Key features and offerings of Mainstreet include:

  1. Crypto and Fiat Integration: Mainstreet has a point-of-sale system that supports both cryptocurrency and fiat currencies, complete with a built-in exchange​​.
  2. User-Controlled Transactions: Users can send any supported currency they want and receive only the currencies they prefer, offering flexibility and control over transactions​​.
  3. Fundraising and Development: In 2022, Mainstreet raised $304,613 in equity-free grant funding from Project Catalyst fund 9, enabling the development of their demonstrator app​​.
  4. Security and Versatility: The platform ensures the security of funds, allowing users to buy, sell, send, receive, and store both fiat and cryptocurrencies. It offers merchants the option to receive payments in their preferred stable currency, reducing concerns about price volatility​​.
  5. Experienced Team: The Mainstreet team includes innovators in blockchain development and is known for their previous successful venture, DripDropz, on the Cardano blockchain​​.
  6. Comprehensive Transaction Solutions: Mainstreet is described as a combination of services like Venmo, Stripe, and Coinbase, providing a comprehensive solution for customer-to-customer (C2C), customer-to-business (C2B), and business-to-business (B2B) transactions​​.
  7. Revenue Model: Mainstreet’s revenue comes from exchange fees involving various transactions and management fees from holding certain cryptocurrencies​​.

Overall, Mainstreet positions itself as a forward-thinking payment app, bridging traditional finance with the evolving digital currency landscape, targeting both individual users and businesses.

Find more information about their crowd funding sale via their WeFunder page