Milkomeda: The Secret Weapon Boosting Cardano’s Ecosystem

Episode by Peter Bui on April 4th, 2023

Milkomeda, a groundbreaking Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain tailored for the Cardano blockchain, has recently unveiled several game-changing announcements that promise to reshape the EVM landscape for Cardano.

The key features of Milkomeda consist of:

  1. Seamless integration with Cardano, propelling it to the top of the EVM chain rankings by user count. Every Cardano user will have the ability to access EVM contracts directly from any Cardano wallet, utilizing pure ADA tokens.
  2. Milkomeda will become the largest EVM chain with fully operational staking rewards, providing benefits to all EVM users, including smart contract developers.
  3. Users will enjoy automatic staking reward payouts every five days, simplifying the process and ensuring consistent rewards.
  4. Ambitious developers eager to create top-tier dApps on Cardano’s EVM layer can begin immediately with the help of a comprehensive guide available at:

These developments are anticipated to substantially enhance Cardano’s standing in the blockchain ecosystem and stimulate the growth of dApps built on the platform.

You can watch this previous interview I did with Nico from dcSpark talking about Milkomeda:

In addition, Milkomeda is joining forces with Paima Studios to revolutionize the GameFi sector by enabling hassle-free integration with any web2 gaming engine. This collaboration allows developers to employ any game programming language for integration into the Milkomeda ecosystem, making it accessible to both developers and the entire Cardano community. Get ready to experience the next generation of Web3 gaming on Cardano with Milkomeda.

Keep an eye out for the Cardano Index LP tokens from Blueshift, as well as the development of the Algorand Index by the Blueshift team.

Please note that I, Peter, am affiliated with the Blueshift team.

Blueshift’s Cardano Index LP Token

You can learn more about how you can move the Cardano Index LP Token in and out of Blueshift and stake it on the VyFinance vault in their article about providing liquidity to the Cardano Index.

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