Mind-Blowing Custom PFP Creation: Unleash Your Creativity w/ Mobius Pioneers from Discosolaris NFT!

Episode by Peter Bui on June 16th, 2023

In this episode, Badger joins the podcast to discuss the upcoming release of Mobius Pioneers, the latest NFT collection from Disco Solaris. The collection offers a unique and fully customizable experience, allowing users to build their own profile picture (PFP) NFTs by collecting and combining various traits. The collaboration between Disco Solaris, Silk Toad, and Eragachi has led to the development of a system that generates custom entities for each minted NFT. The rarity of traits is based on statistical probability, with the potential for unique and limited edition pieces. The collection aims to create an interactive and ever-evolving ecosystem with future possibilities such as retiring and introducing new traits, seasonal events, and quests.

Key Points:

  1. Mobius Pioneers is the second NFT collection from Disco Solaris, offering full customization of PFP NFTs.
  2. Users can collect separate traits and combine them to create their desired profile picture.
  3. The collaboration involves Disco Solaris, Silk Toad, and Eragachi, each contributing to different aspects of the collection.
  4. The collection breaks away from the traditional limited supply model, focusing on rarity and statistical probabilities.
  5. Long-term plans include providing perks for original collection holders, incorporating seasonal traits, and integrating quests and special events.
  6. The collection utilizes the previous NFT standards but includes custom-built elements.
  7. The development process involved building a random engine and loot table system, inspired by RPG games.
  8. The collection’s mint date is June 15, and there will be various discount levels available.
  9. The aim is to encourage users to explore and learn the system’s functionalities from the start.
  10. The collection offers opportunities for customization and potential digital fashion designers within the community.
  11. Trait NFTs used in creating a profile picture are not burned but held together and can be separated or switched.
  12. The partnership with Silk Toad extends to building a marketplace and a dressing room feature.
  13. The marketplace will allow users to try and buy NFTs directly within the dressing room interface.
  14. The collaboration with Silk Toad is driven by a shared commitment to support the Disco Solaris ecosystem and community.

Topics: NFTs, Disco Solaris, Mobius Pioneers, Customization, Rarity, Collaboration, Silk Toad, Eragachi, Mint Date, Discount Levels, Long-Term Plans, Custom Traits, Random Engine, Loot Table System, Marketplace, Dressing Room, Community Building.