Mobile Game Developers Turn to Web3 Gaming, GameFi

Episode by Peter Bui on February 8th, 2023

Edward from Fast Society and Mousetrap Games, joins me to talk about their ventures into web3 gaming and gamefi on the Cardano blockchain.

He shares insights on his team’s approach to Web3 game development and how it makes for a greater player experience.

Fast Society is the first game launched by Mousetrap Games in the Web3 space and was designed with a mobile-first strategy. The design focuses on ensuring players have an easy-to-learn, and exciting gaming experience. The team however have also been working with other projects such as Crypto Dinos and Veggiemates to build their gaming experiences.

The new game, Fast Society, seamlessly ties into the interactive benefits of Web3 to create an engaing gaming experience. Borrowing ideas from other games such as Magic the Gathering and Marvel Snap, it allows players to earn rewards, battle other players, and even upgrade their gaming experience with NFT cards within the game itself.

To make sure players stay engaged and continue playing the game, Ed explains that his teams’s approach towards web2 & web3 game development utilizes various retention strategies such as offering a variety of options to reward loyal players, ever growing content and much more. This could include everything from giving out free tokens, exclusive access to in-game events, or even prizes sent directly to their doorsteps such as their Mustang prize.

By combining clever retention tactics with an engaging, easy-to-play mobile focused game, Fast Society looks set to become another hit from Mousetrap Games!

You can find out more about Fast Society and the game they are developing at:


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