New DePIN player leveraging World Mobile

Episode by Peter Bui on June 11th, 2024

In this episode of our Learn podcast, we had Cardano the pleasure of speaking with Blane from Amplifi, a project at the forefront of the DePIN revolution. Blane shared valuable insights into how Amplifi is leveraging the World Mobile network to revolutionize decentralized telecommunications. Join us as we explore the key highlights from our conversation.

Exploring Amplifi’s Mission:

Blane started the discussion by introducing Amplifi’s mission, which centers around building innovative products and services on top of the World Mobile network. Amplifi aims to empower users by creating community-owned infrastructure, enabling broader participation in network growth.

The Earth Node Model:

A central focus of Amplifi’s strategy is the Earth node model. Blane explained how this model allows users to stake their WMT tokens, thereby contributing to the expansion of the network. Through community-owned Air Nodes, Amplifi facilitates a decentralized approach to network infrastructure, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Staking WMT Tokens:

The process of staking WMT tokens and its role in fueling network growth was discussed. By staking their tokens with Amplifi, users contribute to the network’s development and stand to benefit from rewards generated by community air nodes.

The Significance of the AMP Air Node:

One of the key milestones for Amplifi is the deployment of the AMP Air Node in the United States. Blane highlighted the strategic importance of this node and its role in advancing decentralized telecommunications on a global scale.

Participating in the DePIN Revolution:

Users can join the DePIN revolution by exploring opportunities to engage with Amplifi. Whether through staking WMT tokens or staying informed about the project’s developments, there are various ways for individuals to contribute to the vision of decentralized telecommunications.

Learn more about Amplifi by visiting their official channels:

Text Transcript

This is a brand new project. DePIN is one of those big narratives on at the moment. And this project here, Amplifi, is looking at utilizing what World Mobile has put in place with the decentralized telecommunications network. And Amplifi is sounding pretty interesting here. And I have Blane joining me on this episode to talk through what the project is and how.

it’s going to allow more users onto the network. So Blane, welcome back to the podcast. I don’t know if I’ve been on your, have I been on this one before? I think you have. Maybe a while ago. Maybe a wee while ago. Either way, I’ve spoken to you so many times on so many different levels. So it’s good to see you either way. Likewise, likewise, my friend. So you guys, normally when I talk to you, it’s always about Empowa.

and all the cool things that you’re doing there. But this brand new project that you guys are firing up, Amplifi, talk me through this. This is super interesting. Yeah, so Amplifi, the broader mission is to build a range of products and services on top of World Mobile. Our initial offering, I guess, is our Amplifi Earth node. And the idea around this particular Earth node, the Amplifi Earth node is to

hopefully scale or Amplifi the world mobile network through community and infrastructure. So specifically community owned air nodes or what we’re calling community air nodes. So in a nutshell, I guess for this first offering, a user, I mean, a world mobile token holder could stake their WMT with Amplifi. The rewards generated from that earth node are then used to invest into community air nodes.

And then when those community air nodes are operational and are earning fees, a proportion of those fees will be funneled back to the staker. So that’s the broader Amplifi mission is a range of different things on top of World Mobile Network. But initially, we’re running this Earth node and have a particular staking model where we’re introducing this community-owned infrastructure, which is exciting.

Sounds Simple, really. And I think for people like myself, who wants to be an Earth node operator, but missed out because of those NFTs that you have to have, I think this is a really good opportunity for others to enter the ecosystem and be a part of that ownership of the network itself. I think last time I checked the Earth node NFTs were like 70,000 Ada or something. Yeah. I mean, last time I checked,

A few days ago, I’m pretty sure they’re in the six digits now. So anyway, it kind of, yeah, there’s a lot of Ada to kind of get involved. But yeah, if you have the opportunity to do so, it’s a pretty cool mission, at least we think so. And there’s obviously a passionate community as well. So a lot of people on board the world mobile mission. So for a user like me.

How do I go through the process of being a part of the Amplifi ecosystem? Have you set up your own staking mechanism for this? Like, do I stake to an Earth node? Is that even up and running yet? I didn’t think our world mobile is up to that point yet. Yeah. So the Earth node mainnet hasn’t launched yet. So I guess how it works at the moment, there’s two stages. So the stage one is the pre mainnet staking.

which is currently live and we have a staking app for that and we can kind of step through that. And then the second stage, as you mentioned, is actually the EarthNode mainnet stage. So the details around that haven’t been finalized because that’s something that WorldMobile is still, I guess, working on. But that’s stage two. So stage one, basically what happens is a WMT holder can stake to our staking app, which is live and we can have links.

down below to that. You can access it from our website as well. What’s happening behind the scenes is that those tokens are getting sent to an Amplifi staking contract. That staking contract address will be registered with the World Mobile Vault. So any tokens that get sent into that smart contract, they will accumulate. And then all those tokens will be earning rewards through the vault. And those rewards.

will be then used to purchase the first rounds of community air nodes. And then as mentioned, once those community air nodes operational, the fees will be funneled back to the original stakers. So that’s the current version. And from a user’s perspective, it kind of probably could feel a little bit like an ISPO in that you stake somewhere. You forfeit your staking rewards.

an exchange for something else. So in ISPO, you’re getting, you know, maybe that project’s taken an exchange for your staking rewards. In our case, the staking rewards, you’d be getting from the community air nodes once they are kind of operational. So there is similarities between the terms in terms of how a user would experience it. So if you’re familiar with ISPO, it’s kind of a similar sort of a…

process for that. OK, that’s very cool and very simple indeed. We just have to interact with that smart contract. So that’s good to know. Now with these community-owned Air Nodes, are you guys going through the process of purchasing them yet? And where would they be once you do deploy them? So with the Air Nodes, there’s two types of Air Nodes in our.

and the Amplifi ecosystem. So you have the community air nodes that we’ve talked about, where the earth node rewards were used to purchase those. So we haven’t purchased any community air nodes at the moment. The staking app that is currently live, whatever rewards get generated from that, we will start that process of kind of purchasing the first one. But there are no community air nodes at the moment. The other air node that exists is the, we calling it the AMP air node.

So AMP is just acronym for Amplifi Mission Pioneers. So we have AMP Air Node, which we’ve already purchased. And it’s the first Titan Air Node. So that’s the kind of on their website. There’s three different varieties. And it’s the kind of the more expensive one or whatever. I don’t like kind of saying that. But that one, the bigger out of the three.

which is super exciting. That’s an investment that we are kind of excited for and being able to kind of contribute to one of the first Titan ones is pretty exciting. So we purchased that and we’ve called that the AMP Air Node. So all community, so okay, so there’s the two different Ai rNodes, so the AMP Air Node brings me to the next part of the puzzle, which is the AMP NFTs. So you early…

delegators or users of the staking app, the pre main net staking app, which is currently live. There is some criteria where if you stake for at least three months and you have a cumulative total of world mobile tokens of, I believe, 30,000, let me just double check, it’s 30,000 or more, then you’re eligible for AMP NFT. And if you have AMP NFT, that means you can start.

getting rewards from our Titan Air Node, which is already purchased. So you’ll be able to start earning rewards sooner, because we’ve obviously already purchased it. And hopefully, it will be in operation before the community Air nodes. So if you have the stakers, I guess, could be broken down into AMP NFT stakers and kind of just normal World Mobile token stakers. So they stake to the staking app or.

on mainnet that would just be directly to the Amplifier earth node. And then the stakers would, if they have AMP NFT, they’d also earn rewards from the AMP NFT or from the AMP Air node, as well as the community Air nodes. So an incentive for those that want to get, start supporting the network early. And yeah, so that’s the AMP NFT and the AMP Air node.

Okay, so 30,000 WMT needed to stake and for a period of three months. Is that correct? Yeah, at least three months. So I can mention with the pre mainnet that’s all kind of via the World Mobile Vault. So because of that, we also have to match their kind of staking criteria as well. So we share the same snapshot. Okay. So our first staking snapshot will be taken the main night at 11 AM UTC. So that’s kind of.

That’s the same as the World Mobile one. And then the same with them, that snapshot sets a minimum staking balance requirement for that month. So if you stake 1,000 WMT at that snapshot, you have to hold at least that amount until the next snapshot to be eligible for those rewards. So if you’re familiar with the World Mobile Vault and you stake with Amplifier.

the same staking criteria would be the same. So you’d be familiar. Whatever you do with the World Mobile Vault, the same conditions would apply to the Amplifi staking app as well. OK, cool. So if you’re in the ecosystem, you already know about this. I think I staked my WMT tokens back when the vaults launched, and I haven’t looked at it since. So hopefully I can find that seed phrase.

It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until someone reminds you and think, oh, oh God, okay, where did I put that? Okay, this sounds like a very easy mechanism to be a part of and join the ecosystem. So I’m pretty excited about your approach and how you’re doing all this as well. And just making it a little bit more accessible for some users that could not ever get one of these Titan Air nodes and hang it off their balcony of their apartment here. But it sounds really cool what you guys are doing.

Where are you going to deploy the Titan Air Node? Are you doing it here in Australia or over in the US? No. So this is in the US. So they had the sale on recently. Yes. It’s kind of cool when you, obviously working in a Empowa as well, there’s this interplay between the real world and the digital world. But it’s always like with these AirNodes, there’s this excitement you get when you

opportunity of seeing something in the real world when you know, it is kind of tightly integrated into this digital world as well. I don’t know. Maybe I just have that feeling, but it’s, it’s kind of cool. No, I know exactly what you mean. It’s like when we’re playing around with blockchain and all this tech, it’s, it’s all digital. It’s all virtual. You don’t see it. But like with Empowa, you guys are building homes with a world mobile, the infrastructure goes up and you can actually use it. So

bring it does bring in that real world aspects to it, which you don’t really see if you’re just trading meme coins or whatever it is. There’s nothing there tangible, unless you get these Pudgies, then that’s a bit different again. Yeah. But it sounds really good what you guys are doing. I absolutely love the idea of like making all this tech and stuff within the world mobile ecosystem a lot more accessible to users, especially those that can’t afford the Titan Air Nodes or

be able to be a part of the Earth Node network. There’s a lot of technical skills there as well, not just the financial investment that you need to put up front to be a part of the network. Now, you said this is all on pre-mainnet at the moment, so we can actually still stake. The website’s up and running. What’s the website and community that we need to join to be able to access all of this? Yeah, so the website is

On there, you can find a bunch of information. The docs, so That has a breakdown of kind of more of these ideas that we’ve been discussing, as well as a few infographics. I’m a visual sort of a person, so I’ve made some graphics to hopefully try and make it make sense a bit more easily, especially the how it works one. There’s a graphic there which.

just a flow diagram of how the different pieces connect to each other. But yeah, on that website, you can click the stake, stake with Amplifi button. And that will take you to the app. Cool. Awesome. Is there anything else that we need to know about Amplifi and what you guys are doing? I think the only thing is just to add to what you’re saying around the community involvement. I mean, the world mobile community and

I’d say the Cardano community as well is very passionate about the mission of different projects. And with World Mobile, it’s got such a grand vision with such potential for impact that you kind of want to make set it up so that as many people can participate as possible. And the community owned DePIN sort of thing is quite interesting. So we just wanted to contribute to that and somehow.

just like many other projects in the space, we’ve got a big community stronger together, stronger connected. Brilliant. Thanks Blane for joining me on this episode and taking me through Amplifi or taking the community through Amplifi and giving us another avenue to join the DePIN revolution at the moment. So awesome Blane to have you on the episode. Thanks brother, appreciate it.

crypto is what we like but this is not investment or financial advice gotta do your research cuz it’s risky we know it is this show is educational and it’s informative cryptos the future really it ain’t no debate


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