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RareEvo 2024: A Fusion of Blockchain Innovation and Vegas Fun!

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Episode by Peter Bui on November 18th, 2023

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The RareEvo event for 2024 is set to be held in the Octavius ballroom at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, promising an even better experience with improved room rates. Wes and Nathan from Rare Evo joined the podcast to provide updates and insights about the event.

Recap of the RareEvo 2023 Event

  • The 2023 event, held in Denver, Colorado, was a massive success despite challenging times. It saw significant growth in brand and community aspects, with effective cross-pollination among different chains and projects. The event included charitable elements, Fortune 50 speakers, and nearly 20 technical workshops, receiving positive feedback.

2024 Event Highlights

  • Planned for mid-August (15th-18th), Rare Evo 2024 aims to be bigger and better, offering extensive networking opportunities and a blend of professional and social activities.
  • The event will take place in the famous Octavius ballroom at Caesar’s Palace, a location known for its appeal and potential for various activities.
  • There’s a shift from the professional atmosphere of Denver to the vibrant, party vibe of Las Vegas, targeting international appeal and infrastructure advantages.

Event Structure and Offerings

  • Rare Evo 2024 will continue its multi-chain focus, encouraging collaboration across different blockchain communities, while still honoring its Cardano roots.
  • The event will feature a range of speakers, including policy makers, regulators, and blockchain forward politicians, along with executives from major companies.
  • Workshops will be expanded, with formats ranging from quick talks to extended masterclasses, integrated into the expo hall for continuous engagement.

Ticket Sales and NFT Integration

  • Tickets for Rare Evo 2024 are on sale at, with an innovative approach of minting tickets as NFTs on Cardano.
  • The ticketing process includes gamification elements, offering various perks and experiences, enhancing the overall event participation.
  • VIP tickets come with additional benefits, like access to exclusive events, priority seating, and opportunities for enhanced networking.

Additional Perks and Opportunities

  • Rare Evo is incorporating unique Vegas experiences into VIP NFTs, offering chances for entry to clubs, shows, and other attractions.
  • The event also features a raffle with significant prizes, including travel and lodging packages and opportunities for heightened event participation.
  • The conference will be streamed, with over 12,000 viewers expected, and will include token-gated content alongside accessible streams on platforms like YouTube.


  • Rare Evo 2024 promises to be an event blending business and leisure, catering to a diverse audience from developers to blockchain enthusiasts.
  • The team encourages open communication and collaboration, inviting interested parties to engage and explore opportunities for involvement.
  • The event aims to continuously evolve, offering an exceptional experience in the vibrant setting of Las Vegas.