TangleSwap and the Cardano Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Overview

Episode by Peter Bui on October 17th, 2023

In recent times, the digital finance landscape has seen remarkable innovations. One such development is TangleSwap’s integration into the Cardano Ecosystem via Milkomeda with Wrapped Smart Contracts.

Understanding TangleSwap

TangleSwap is not just another decentralized exchange (often referred to as DEX). It is an entire solution designed for decentralized finance (DeFi), a system that allows people to handle their finances without traditional banks or intermediaries. The main goals of TangleSwap are simplicity, competitiveness, and interoperability.

Interoperability, in this context, means the ability of computer systems or software to exchange and use information. In the world of DeFi, this translates to the capacity of different financial platforms or applications to work together seamlessly.

TangleSwap’s Features

Several features distinguish TangleSwap:

  1. Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker (CLMM): This system enhances how assets are traded by minimizing the impact on prices and ensuring those who provide liquidity (essentially, people who fund the pool with their assets) get the best returns.
  2. Vote-Escrowed Staking: A system that combines the benefits of earning returns and participating in the platform’s decision-making process.
  3. Concentrated Liquidity ‘Smart’ Farms: This tool allows projects to distribute rewards efficiently, ensuring a balanced and healthy financial ecosystem.
  4. Decentralized Token Launchpad: A platform where new digital currencies or tokens can be introduced without complex coding.
  5. NFT Staking: A system to tokenize assets, which can be anything from art to real estate, allowing them to be traded in the digital world.

One of the main goals of TangleSwap is to simplify these complex processes. They aim to create an environment where people can use these services without getting bogged down by technical details.

Why Cardano?

Every digital platform requires a solid foundation or infrastructure. This foundation determines how secure, scalable, and cost-effective the platform is. Cardano provides such an infrastructure.

Cardano is known for its genuine decentralization and security. Decentralization ensures that no single entity has complete control, promoting fairness. Security, on the other hand, ensures that users’ assets and information are safe from malicious attacks.

TangleSwap’s decision to integrate with Cardano was not random. Cardano offers both a technically robust environment and a thriving community of users. This combination makes it an optimal choice for TangleSwap’s goal to make DeFi more mainstream and user-friendly.

Moreover, TangleSwap’s use of Milkomeda’s Wrapped Smart Contracts ensures that users get the best experience, combining the strengths of Cardano with other top-notch technologies.

The Innovative Tokenomic Model

The world of DeFi uses tokens or digital assets, much like stocks in the traditional finance world. TangleSwap introduces a unique approach to these tokens.

  1. Token Emissions Based on Metrics: The release of TangleSwap’s tokens, known as $VOID, will depend on certain ecosystem metrics like trading volume. This method ensures that the token’s release aligns with the ecosystem’s activity, promoting healthy growth.
  2. Interoperability Through $VOID: Each system where TangleSwap is introduced benefits from enhanced cooperation. Instead of each system working in isolation, they can now pool their resources. This approach aims to solve one of the biggest challenges in DeFi, where resources are often scattered across various platforms.

These innovations make $VOID a central element in TangleSwap’s system, promoting both cooperation between different platforms and investment opportunities.

The Zealy Campaign and Cardano Testnet Phase: TangleSwap’s Latest Endeavors

TangleSwap has always been at the forefront of innovative strides in the DeFi world, and its forthcoming initiatives are no exception.

One of the most anticipated is the Zealy Campaign, slated for the 18th of October, 2023. This campaign isn’t just an ordinary promotional event; it’s an opportunity for enthusiasts and followers to significantly benefit.

With a whopping prize pool of $50,000 USD, participants have the chance to secure rewards in various forms. This includes

  • 5k USD worth of ADA,
  • another 5k USD in SMR, and
  • two highly valuable NFTs worth $40k USD.

The NFTs, named Genesis and Souls, are appraised at 5k USD and 35k USD, respectively.

For those unfamiliar, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are unique digital assets verified using blockchain technology, and they’ve been making waves in the digital space due to their rarity and value.

Following the Zealy Campaign, TangleSwap is poised to unveil another milestone with its Cardano Testnet Phase. This will mark the first occasion for users to interact with TangleSwap within the Cardano ecosystem.

Testnets are essential as they provide a simulation environment, allowing developers and users alike to experience functionalities without any real-world consequences. This phase is not just a demonstration of TangleSwap’s capabilities but also a critical step towards ensuring its flawless integration with Cardano.

Through this, TangleSwap aims to offer a seamless and efficient platform for users to manage their digital assets, combining the strengths of both TangleSwap’s features and Cardano’s robust infrastructure.


TangleSwap’s integration into the Cardano Ecosystem signifies a significant step forward in the world of Decentralized Finance. By introducing user-friendly solutions and leveraging Cardano’s robust infrastructure, TangleSwap aims to make DeFi more accessible and understandable for everyone.

As the digital finance world continues to evolve, such integrations highlight the importance of simplicity, user experience, and solid technical foundations. The partnership between TangleSwap and Cardano is a testament to the ongoing innovations in the realm of digital finance.


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