Alpha Surfers: 6 Trading Tips & 5 Best Picks

Episode by Peter Bui on December 16th, 2023

Matt from Alpha Surfers joins me on this episode to talk about the crypto trading community he’s building around is Alpha Sharks NFT community.

Alpha Surfers NFT Utility

Alpha Surfers on JPG STore

The Alpha Surfers NFT project presents a unique blend of art and investment in the crypto space, particularly within the Cardano ecosystem. The project revolves around a limited collection of NFTs, dubbed Alpha Surfers Prime, which are tied to trades performed by the Alpha Surfers team.

The utility of these NFTs extends beyond mere digital collectibles; holders of Alpha Surfers NFTs are eligible for periodic financial distributions. This innovative approach hinges on the project’s performance in cryptocurrency trading and investments. The project commits to quarterly distributions, starting from the end of the first quarter of 2024, with returns based on the project’s treasury funds. Additionally, ownership of these NFTs grants access to exclusive educational resources, including insights into trading strategies, liquidity pool investing, and more, aiming to enrich members’ understanding of the broader financial landscape.

Alpha Surfers Crypto Trading Tips

  1. Re-entering Trades: Matt emphasizes that traders should not hesitate to exit a position when necessary, as there is always an opportunity to re-enter the market. He advises not to regret taking profits too early, as re-entering is a viable strategy.
  2. Risk Management: A crucial piece of advice he offers is that the primary goal in trading should not be just to make profits, but more importantly, to protect the capital you already have. This perspective shifts the focus towards effective risk management.
  3. Watching Support and Resistance Levels: Matt suggests paying close attention to support and resistance levels in the market. These levels can indicate potential entry and exit points. He also mentions that he prefers pullback trading, where he buys on dips and sells on rallies to minimize risks.
  4. Team and Project Longevity: When evaluating NFT projects, Matt places importance on the team behind the project and their potential to fulfill their vision. This evaluation helps in determining whether it’s worth investing in a project, especially during price pullbacks.
  5. Avoiding FOMO and Hype: He warns against getting caught up in market hype and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), especially in the volatile crypto market. Instead, he advises assessing projects based on their fundamentals and team strength.
  6. Strategy for Breakouts: In the case of a breakout, where a price moves above a certain level, he advises more caution. His preference is to trade on pullbacks rather than chasing breakouts, to keep risk minimal.

These tips reflect a blend of technical analysis, risk management, and a fundamental approach to trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market. They are geared towards both preserving capital and identifying potential opportunities in a market known for its volatility and unpredictability.

Matt’s Top Picks

  1. Hunt Token (Dex Hunter): Matt speaks highly of Dex Hunter and its associated $Hunt token. He appreciates the work of Melon, the person behind Dex Hunter, and considers him a “class act.” Matt’s interest in this token is based on its performance and his belief in the project’s potential.
  2. Optim Finance: Matt expresses admiration for the project and its leadership. The team behind Optim Finance are knowledgeable and competent, which bolsters his confidence in the project.
  3. Lenfi: Lenfi as a solid protocol within the Cardano ecosystem. He looks forward to future developments from Lenfi and sees potential in what they might offer moving forward.
  4. Blueshift: Matt picks Blueshift as his “dark horse” pick, highlighting it for being lesser-known but having significant potential. Matt is impressed by the team behind Blueshift and their ability to innovate.
  5. Liquid Finance: Although not in his top three, Matt briefly touches upon Liquid Finance, noting its promising developments.

It’s important to note that Matt’s picks are based on his personal opinions and experiences within the Cardano ecosystem. He emphasizes the importance of conducting one’s own research and due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency or token.

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Text Transcript

Now this is pretty cool. We’re going to go through what Matt here has been working on and building in the background. And this is Alpha Surfers. Matt’s been around in the Cardano community for a little while now, and we’re going to discover and learn about what he’s building and trying to dig into his community side of things. So Matt, welcome to the podcast. Thank you so much. Great to be here. Thank you for having me on.

Now we’ve crossed paths a little bit around the DeFi space on various projects, mostly around the BlueShift side of things. So thank you for being a part of that community and joining on there. But I would love to learn a little bit more about you and how you’re involved in the Cardano and the crypto space. Can we get a bit of a rundown of how you ventured into crypto? Definitely. Yeah. My first venture into crypto was kind of just happenstance. So 2015.

I started seeing Bitcoin, Ethereum. So I made some investments in Bitcoin and Ethereum around that 2015-2016 timeframe and I just never looked at it. I was like, crypto is great. I’ll just make an investment and it should go up. That was the thesis. And I came… I guess that’s what a lot of people are looking at. So I was mostly trading the stock market for an exchange. So in the late 90s…

one of my uncles who was a value investor started teaching me about the stock market. And if you were around in the late 90s, like not putting a trade on in the stock market was not an easy thing. But I sat, listened to his tutelage, learned a lot. And then after a few years, another uncle came in and taught me a little bit. He was more on the momentum side. So I went from, you know, being a stock market guy, getting into futures a few years after that.

starting to hone my day trading skills, teaching other people how to begin in the stock market, started some investment funds, stuff like that. Crypto was something I was like, I’ll throw in some fun money if it turns into something great. And I came back in 2021 with those Charles Hoskinson videos. Like they were just phenomenal videos. And I’m like, man, I love Cardano. I love how this looks. The first project I found was Empowah.

fantastic project. They’re building housing in Africa. I thought it was awesome. And I thought to myself, how’s Africa going to look in 30 years with the blockchain coming in, doing all this stuff? I saw the vision immediately. I sold all my Bitcoin and Ethereum, went straight into Cardano. Oh, okay. Yeah. Just everybody I met in Empower was so cool. I loaned somebody one of my…

founding member NFTs so they could be part of the cell, just because I’m in America, I couldn’t be a part of it, thanks to American economy. But, and it was great. Other people did it too, and they returned to NFTs, just really classy people, I just love that community. And then getting into Cardano, I started seeing the normal stuff that you see in traditional finance, 90, 95% of people lose money and leave within the first year.

started seeing rug pulls and I thought to myself, you know, I saw some dowels come out and they moved really slowly. And I thought to myself, well, I’ve been investing for a long time. I’ve, you know, worked with millionaires and billionaires and traded their money. I can come in, start a project. We can run more efficiently than some other projects that are trying to do this. And you know, make money.

do a return and return that back to the holders rather than minting five, 10, 15 times. We met once, returned money to holders. That was kind of the concept. And you know, I’m having a lot of fun with it. Also an educational side, research side. So just an all around investment club community. Okay. You might have to explain that.

One more time. I kind of got the grasp of it. So what exactly were you minting there for the Alpha Surfers? Right. The Alpha Surfers Prime collection that we’re calling Alpha Surfers Prime and there are sharks. Reason being is I love the ocean. It’s just fantastic. So when I was a kid, my brother and I, one of the themes we read about were sharks and dolphins because dolphins can kill sharks.

You know, as an eight year old, that’s fascinating. Yeah, okay. So, just living by the ocean, surfing, boogie boarding, body surfing, you know, anything that has anything to do with water. Skiing in the lakes. So that’s what Alpha Surfers was really a part of, like my investment knowledge and the love of the ocean. So you know, sharks, I really did love that.

I incorporated a lot of like the 1990s style, because I was a teenager in the 90s. And that, you know, like the Ninja Turtles, that gritty vibe, you know, the… Yeah, okay. I just love all of that. So I spent a lot of time on the art, even though the art really isn’t that important. To me it is. So I wanted a standalone NFT where the art’s super important with the utility to back.

Gotcha, gotcha. And the utility, yeah, can you explain the utility exactly? You kind of glossed over a little bit earlier. I glossed over a little bit because I figured we’d circle back to it. So the utility, if you own an Alpha Surfer Prime NFT, there’s only going to be 1,129. And that’s it in that particular collection. So that collection is the only collection we’re going to have that’s going to give a distribution. And we’re going to do that quarterly. So…

We made our first mint in March. So we’re minting small every time. We’ve had four phases already. We’ve minted 295 NFTs so far. And we’re keeping it small so that way we can mint and then show some results. And then mint and show some results. So right now we’re up about 40% on our funds, on our treasury funds. And every quarter starting at the end of quarter one, 2024,

we’re going to start distributing that. So if you hold Alpha Surfer NFT, you’re going to get 50% distribution. And then we have other tiers on top of that. So you’ll be able to get up to 70%. And I like that because it gives us enough skin in the game. We’re able to make money, keep some. And then when we distribute it, it allows our members to actually be able to collect some. We’re going to.

some of those tiers, if they do a little bit of research, then they’ll be able to get an additional little bit. So I think that helps us build as a community and really grow. And then we have an education piece attached to that. So if you have an NFT, you get access to the education and more advanced education, we might make it so you have to hold a couple NFTs. We’ve already done a lot like crypto,

How to trade liquidity pool investing, you know how you actually make money with that It’s it’s kind of intricate. So I wanted to really dive deep in that and show people talk about forex I’m gonna talk about trading Psychology, I’m gonna talk a lot about that Mostly like neuroscience type stuff how to build a skill faster, you know how to replace a skill with another skill how to

increase your awareness, increase your focus, stuff like that, you know, like life stuff that really actually matters. And that’s one thing that I have never found before. Because in the traditional world, if you want to have education, you have to be niche based. Whereas with NFTs, you know, I can open it up, open up the spectrum and just kind of go for everything. So that’s one thing I really do love about NFTs.

All right, really cool. Okay, so I’ve got a really good and better understanding of all this now. So essentially, you’re minting these NFTs, you’re raising those funds, you guys are going to use that for trading and then distribute the funds back to the NFT holders of those various collections based on the amount or rarity of the NFTs, correct? Yes. Great, great. Okay.

Now, what I don’t understand there is if they’re buying something and then expecting a return on it, is that seen as a security? It’s not because we’re not, we’re not guaranteeing them a return. We say if we actually make a profit, we’ll give it to you. Now, based upon my experience and the law of large numbers, you know, what’s the probability of that happening? I think it’s very high, but we’re not guaranteeing them like we’re going to give you a hundred, eight of

per quarter, we’re gonna give you 200 ADA. So none of that’s guaranteed. On the side of that, I actually have an investment fund and people can invest in that. And mostly that’s for projects. Projects can come in and invest and a little portion of that will go to that NFT collection, the Alpha Surfer Prime.

Gotcha. OK. Now, I’d like to put you to the test, because you’ve talked about your background here as a trader investor and learning from relatives and whatnot. So can you give us three tips as a trader in regards to what to look out for in a project, or maybe timing your trades, or something about emotion as well? I know I’m sitting there staring at the screen wondering,

When should I execute this? Do I do this now? Maybe it will go up a bit more. Maybe I’ll just wait. Maybe, oh, okay. No, it’s all gone downhill now. Okay, I have to wait for the next bull cycle. So, you know, can give us some tips. All right, so there’s the tips. I guess that is a little broad based. If I take Freya, for example, Freya just launched a little bit ago, like, I don’t know, a matter of hours ago. It’s that meme coin one.

Yeah, it’s a meme coin. Somebody said it was similar to Banana, which I don’t know anything about. But if you know, maybe. Basically, I just look at the hype around it. Are people excited about it? Are people minting it? And then one thing cool about Dex Hunter is you can actually see the orders. And I actually saw some big orders going off. Like someone’s putting in, you know,

you know, uh, you know, this big order. So I ended up jumping in. I had my slippage too low and I had the perfect entry. My slippage was too low. So, uh, I had to increase that slippage and put in another order and, uh, ended up getting in, getting out, uh, went in with only a thousand ADA. Should have probably went in with more, but I turned that 1000 ADA into, uh, 2,500 ADA, so made 1500 ADA on.

a trade that lasted an hour, two hours, something like that. But that’s one thing I look at with projects. I’ll usually look at the team, but in this case, Freya, I just looked at the height that was around it. But that’s what NFT projects, I look at the team. As far as with trade, the trading is, I kind of look at levels, and I usually play a probability game.

But the main thing I always tell people is you can always re-enter. So if you get out of a trade, you can always re-enter. Don’t feel bad taking profits. A lot of people I know, they take profits and the trade keeps going and they’re like, oh man, I should have kept that. That will kill you. You know, I think Tony Robbins said it best, you could shoot all over yourself, but that’s not helpful. But that’s one thing that was important to me is you can always re-enter the trade.

You don’t always need to be in a trade. I think that was something really important I had to learn. So yeah, don’t always have to be in a trade. Don’t have to trade every day. You can always reenter if you do take profits and then watch levels. Like right now, the Australian dollar is starting to break out of a range against the U S dollar, which, you know, is kind of cool since you’re from Australia. But it’s one of my favorite currencies to trade. There’s some really good.

tips there and thank you so much for that. I’ll put them in a summary in the show notes for other people that are coming in so they can read over them. There’s one that you need to explain to me though. What is levels? You say to watch the levels. What exactly is that? Basically just support resistance levels. That’s kind of what I look for. So I use a couple of different things, but I use like forecasting tools and I…

I can usually look at stuff and say, okay, well, this is likely to go a little further. This is likely not to go that far. But yeah, I mostly like to look at support and resistance levels. Like when I said the Australian dollar is breaking out against the US dollar, that’s a level. It’s just kind of pushing up above that. Does that make sense? Yeah, it does make sense. Now I’ve got to learn. Now I’m watching those levels.

What do I do? What action do I take? What should I take at those points? Do I buy? Do I sell? I guess if it’s breaking out of a passive certain resistance, I should be selling? Or? Well, if it’s different, you have different strategies. So let’s say you have a support level and it comes down to it. Usually you want to buy that. Instead of buying up here, you want to buy at that level so your risk is very, very small. If it’s breaking out.

That means it’s breaking above a certain level and that’s usually more aggressive. Like I was in it from a little bit lower. I’m just watching it break out. So I’m not entering right now. I’m more of a pullback trader. So I’m looking for if it comes down, I want to buy it. If it goes up, I want to sell it. That’s kind of like what I’m mostly looking for just so I can keep risks very, very small. That’s one thing I think is super important.

people do try to invest is your goal. Your number one goal isn’t to make money. Your number one goal is to not lose the money that you have. Yeah. And that’s counterintuitive to everything. Yeah. I think for a lot of these projects, I do see the hype. And I personally do feel the FOMO. And I’m looking at the charts and I’m saying, oh, this is just skyrocketing out of control. Like, do I buy now or not? Sometimes I feel like I really should, but…

I just sit back and I wait for people to get bored of the project and the hype disappears for that point in time. And I really just may look at buying at those points, but then will the project come back? I just don’t know. It’s so hard to predict these things. That’s difficult. Yeah. And that’s what I try to look at, like longevity, like the team. How is the team? Do you believe in the team? Would you want to hang out with the team?

And do you believe that they can follow through with their vision? And if you believe they can follow through, usually that means when it does pull back, you can get in. Um, with NFTs, it’s a little different because with NFTs, it’s good because anyone can start an NFT project, but that’s also a really bad thing. Anybody can start an NFT project. So like, do they have business experience? Do they have common sense? Uh, that, uh,

But yeah, all those factors do come into play with NFT projects. Luckily with Cardano, most of the ecosystem site projects, most of them have been really good. Like people come in, they build and it’s just been a pleasure to be a part of. I’m just always surprised with some of these NFT projects, how they sell out. Like I’ve never heard of them. I don’t know these people. They somehow sell a really subpar.

an NFT project and managed to sell out and then rug. That’s, uh, it’s unbelievable. I’m doing my own NFT project and I’m finding it so hard to sell and I’m not here to rock it. So, you know, I’m here for, for good, but exactly. I just don’t know how it works. It’s incredible. It’s really crazy. Like they just go in, go on this marketing kick to drive a lot of hype and FOMO and people see other people coming in and just, you know, it’s, it’s terrible.

But that’s one reason why alpha servers, we’re minting in very small phases and we’re doing whitelist only. Like we’ve never had anything for the public. And we’re doing that for a reason because everybody, not everybody, but most projects are very hype oriented. They go out in the market. They talk about all these crazy stats. I’m not gonna name any names, but you know, these stats that don’t make sense. Like…

Oh, this market is $1.9 trillion. We’re capturing 2% of it. Okay. How are you doing that? That doesn’t matter. Look at this. Yeah. You know, that’s how a lot of them seem to be. And, uh, that’s one reason we’re going this way. We’re minting very, very slowly, but about a month ago, I started seeing, uh, other groups, like starting to throw shade at us, making fun of Alpha surfers. And I’m like,

Well, that’s great. People were finding out about us, but now I need to start coming out marketing, you know, getting my narrative out. So, you know, it’s, it’s cool and flattering, but then you’re kind of forced to, you know, kind of start marketing and such. Yeah, unfortunately it is a lot of it. You do have to get out there. You do have to put yourself in front of the camera. I learned the hard way as well. Joining the crypto space and selling a stake pool. If, if you’re not visible, if people don’t know who you are, they’re not going to stake to you.

they’re not going to understand and build trust. So it’s a whole, just part of the game. Yeah, that’s true. And it takes a long time to really get your name out there and like, you know, talk with people. But yeah, we’re making a lot of awesome contacts in the space. I’ve made a lot of great friends. I include you in that. We did meet at Blue Shift a number of months ago. I do really like that project. I’m excited to see everything else that’s coming out

Cardano, I just really enjoy everything that I’ve… Well, except for the rugs, everything else that I’ve experienced. Yeah, naturally. All right. So I’ve got two more things to ask you. First off, how can people join your community? Where should we go to join Alpha Surfers and find these NFTs that you’re talking about? Okay. The best mode of communication is through Discord. So we have our Twitter, Alpha Surfers.

We have our website,, and then the Discord. The Discord is linked on the Twitter and the website. We just did a light paper a couple days ago, and that’s basically just to allow people a reference point so they can come in and go through it. We have that same information on the Discord, but the Discord, excuse me, especially the private Discord, there are so many channels.

that it’s easy to get locked in. And that’s one thing I’m trying to do is constantly try to improve the navigational ability of the Discord. But yeah, Discord is the best method of communication. All right, I’ll make sure all the links are down below in the show notes and all reference there for everyone that’s wanting to learn a little bit more about alpha surfers. Now, my very last question here, what’s your top three picks?

then in the Cardano ecosystem and why? Top three picks in the Cardano ecosystem. Uh, I do love the hunt token Dex Hunter, everything Melon’s doing over there. He’s just knocking out of the park. He’s a class act guy. Um, so I love everything he’s doing over there. When he first minted, uh, we went in heavy, bought a little over a hundred thousand tokens, but it went up and we flipped half of them.

made a profit and now we have like 51,000 tokens for the Alpha Surfer’s treasury. So that’s pretty cool. I’m a big fan of Optum Finance. I don’t know how to pronounce the guy’s name so I don’t want to say anything that’s not right. I don’t know either, but I know who you’re talking about. But yeah, I like him. He seems like a very smart guy. Just knows what he’s doing. The guy behind Lin-Fi.

Linfai is a really good protocol and I’m looking forward to seeing what Butane is going to come out with. Like, I just feel like they might do something big. But yeah, I guess if I had to narrow it down, I’d probably say at this moment, Hunt, Optum, and number three, it’s so hard to pick.

Oh man, number three, how do you take it? Cause I like so much liquid finance is doing some cool things. Um, I guess I’ll just go with blue shift because they’re, they’re an X factor. Like not many people know about them, but I just, I feel that they’re going to be doing something, uh, and the guys behind it, they, they impress me. So I, I’ll use them as my dark horse.

Very cool. All right. Very interesting indeed. And so we’ve got some interesting tokens there anyway. Thank you for mentioning BlueShift as well. It’s always appreciated. But Matt, it’s awesome having you on the podcast and talking through a little bit about what you’re bidding around Alpha Surfers, your trading history and background, your tips as well, and your top three picks or top four or five-ish. So I’ll put them all in the show notes so everyone can reference them and we’ll see how they go in a few.

month’s time. Maybe I’ll get you back on to talk about market conditions, market updates, and see how you guys are going overall. Yeah, that’d be awesome. Yeah, thank you. All right. Awesome, Matt. We’ll chat again soon. Awesome. Been a pleasure. Pleasure.

Yeah, gotta do it like that. You’ve been listening to the Learn Cardano podcast. Gotta get it hype. Crypto is what we like. But this is not investment or financial advice. Gotta do your research, cause it’s risky, we know it is. This show is educational and it’s informative. Crypto’s the future, really, it ain’t no debate.



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