Update from Metaverse Building Platform, Reach Metaverse

Episode by Peter Bui on June 30th, 2023

In this podcast interview, the host welcomes CJ from Reach Metaverse. They discuss recent developments and updates in the project. CJ mentions that they have been focusing on making the platform more accessible and have seen growth and development. They have worked on improving the usability of their Builder tool, allowing individuals without 3D experience to easily create 3D environments in their metaverse. They have also introduced a dashboard and enhanced documentation using AI integration for better user support.

The conversation then shifts to the token and its role in the ecosystem. CJ explains that the token provides access to their services, including subscriptions and the ability to build larger spaces. It can also be used within the metaverse for various functionalities and incentives. They are developing a marketplace and reward system where the token can be utilized.

CJ mentions their collaboration with Stephen Ward from Wi-Fi and their work on building an economic model for long-term value and user incentives. They plan to launch their token through an initial coin offering (ICO) and are coordinating with Wi-Fi for utilities and partnerships.

The podcast concludes with discussions about the ICO details, platforms, and processes, which are still being worked on. CJ encourages listeners to stay updated through their website and pinned tweet for more information on Reach Metaverse and the upcoming events.

Key points and topics:

  1. Recent growth and development in Reach Metaverse
  2. Improving accessibility and usability of the platform
  3. Introduction of the Builder tool for easy 3D environment creation
  4. Dashboard and AI-integrated documentation for user support
  5. The role of the token in providing access to services and incentivizing platform use
  6. Plans for a marketplace and reward system within the metaverse
  7. Collaboration with Stephen Ward from Wi-Fi for tokenomics and economic model
  8. Upcoming ICO and coordination with Wi-Fi for utilities and partnerships
  9. Details of the ICO still being worked on, updates to be provided through the website and pinned tweet.


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