Easy Blockchain Voting App with 3 Voting Options, Voteaire

Episode by Peter Bui on March 8th, 2023

Voteaire is a user-friendly blockchain voting app, that allows individuals to create on-chain votes within the Cardano ecosystem. The proposals and votes are publicly stored on-chain for easy verifiability, and the data specification will be openly published in a repository for all to view.

The focus of Voteaire is on usability, and the aim is to create something that even non-technical users can utilize to create proposals or vote on them. By connecting their wallet and submitting a transaction, individuals can easily participate in the voting process.

Different Blockchain Voting App Mechanics

The initial launch of Voteaire will include three different voting types:

  • Simple Vote: allows anyone to vote using their ADA wallet balance on a specified snapshot date to determine their voting weight.
  • Delegated Vote: limited to users delegated to a particular stake pool, and the voting weight depends on the stake delegated to the pool on the snapshot date.
  • PolicyID Vote: limited to token holders of a particular policy ID. The voting weight is determined by the number of tokens held in the voter’s wallet.

Voteaire, as a blockchain voting app, is expected to have a significant impact on the Cardano community. With its help, DAOs, NFT projects, and utility-token projects will be able to poll their community holders with a weighted vote, which will be on-chain, making it easier for them to trust the process. Stake pool operators will also be able to poll their delegators to make decisions about the direction of their pool, such as changing fees or creating additional pools.

The genesis of Voteaire came from a request by @TheADAApe to build a custom voting solution for his @WildWarriorsNFT project. However, the idea was expanded to include the entire Cardano community. While on-chain voting has been done a few times on Cardano, there was a lack of publicly accessible and user-friendly voting mechanisms. Voteaire was created to fill this gap.

The metadata approach was chosen because it was felt to be the most extensible and transparent way to go. The goal of this approach is to enable developers to build their own custom voting systems on top of the Voteaire platform in a straightforward and transparent way.

Find Out More About Voteaire

Blockchain voting app: Voteaire

In conclusion, Voteaire is an innovative platform that provides a user-friendly voting mechanism for the Cardano community all in its blockchain voting app. It is expected to have a far-reaching impact on various projects within the ecosystem by enabling them to poll their community members with weighted votes. With its focus on usability and transparency, Voteaire will help to promote greater decentralization within the Cardano ecosystem.

You can find out more about the platform at voteaire.io.