Whiskees NFT, The Whisky Connoisseur’s Dream: Fractionalized Ownership of Rare Casks

Episode by Peter Bui on April 6th, 2023

In this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with CJ from the exciting Whiskees NFT project, which is making waves in the world of whisky and blockchain. With the upcoming release of their latest NFT collection, CJ shared some fascinating details about the project.

The Whiskees NFT project is pioneering the concept of fractionalized ownership, enabling speculators to own a stake in cask barrelled whisky before it is bottled. The new NFT collection consists of 50% collectible NFT and 50% ownership in the cask barrelled whisky, offering a unique blend of collectability and speculation opportunity.

Through this fractionalized ownership model, speculators can sell their portion of ownership at a later date, opening up the possibility for potential profits and liquidity. However, as with any speculative opportunity, it is important to conduct research and make informed decisions.

It is worth noting that the Whiskees NFT project is not providing speculation advice, and interested speculators should always do their own research before making any speculative decisions.

As the world of whisky and blockchain continues to evolve, the Whiskees NFT project is at the forefront of innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of whisky speculation. Whether you’re a whisky enthusiast or a blockchain speculator, this project is certainly one to watch.

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