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Danogo Cardano, Bond trading platform

Optim Finance provides a platform for buying and issuing bonds on the Cardano ecosystem. These bonds can be used to raise funds for delegation to a stake pool, which helps small stake pool operators mint blocks consistently. Additionally, ADA (the cryptocurrency used within the Cardano ecosystem) can be delegated to…

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Derivatives trading on Cardano with is a platform built on Cardano, dedicated to offering cryptocurrency derivatives trading and peer-to-peer lending solutions. By utilizing Cardano’s advanced eUTXO model for transactions, promises quick, efficient, and cost-effective transfers, making it an enticing proposition for cryptocurrency investors and decentralized application users. About the Platform positions itself…

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In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of purchasing $MIN tokens from Minswap, a decentralized exchange, for the first time. You can not buy Minswap on Coinbase or Binance at this point in time as the $MIN token from Minswap is not listed on these centralised exchanges. You…

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If you’re one of the many people that had heard about the NuNet EarnDrop on Cardano and wanted to hold some NuNet tokens on the Cardano blockchain to earn some more NuNet tokens, then this is the tutorial you’ve been waiting for. We’ll take you through the process of how…

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Cardano Developer Resources CardanoPress – NMKR Marketplaces – Plutus Aiken Helios Plutarch Plu-ts Scalus Imperator Lang eopsin Pyscc UPLC (Python) Pluthon Pluto Plutonomy Plutonomy-cli CTL Lucid Pallas Kupo Carp…

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In this guide, we will teach you how to stake ADA. Staking ADA on Cardano is very easy. The process is non-custodial, and your assets remain in your wallet. We will cover everything from how to set up a Cardano native wallet to how to make a transaction. Staking ADA…

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Unfortunately, we have another hack in the DeFi space, and this time it is with the Nomad Bridge. It is an essential part of the interoperable ecosystem allowing assets to move from chain to chain. Earlier this year, Nomad had raised $22.4M in seed funding to develop the bridge further.…

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